Ms. Naughty Ten Year Blogaversary

oldblogscreenshotOn June 7, 2004, I wrote my first ever blog post at As you can see, it’s kind of boring (“Howdily doodily”) and mostly about how I was having trouble getting the script to work. My first blog didn’t use WordPress, mainly because it wasn’t really a happening thing in 2004. I instead used a free script provided by a porn resource site. This meant the first 18 months of my blog were fairly simple html. Here’s the original old index page with a list of all of my posts up until January 2006. After that I switched to a proper WordPress install.

So here I am in 2014. I don’t blog as much as I used to because I’m so busy running two paysites and editing my own films. Still, it’s quite a milestone. Over the past ten years, I’ve tracked the growth of porn for women online and off and discussed the various research and surveys that looked at women’s interest in porn. In 2006 I reported on the first ever Feminist Porn Awards. I’ve spent a lot of time discussing censorship, particularly proposed internet filters and I’ve also argued against anti-porn activists and religious types pushing the false idea that porn is addictive.  I’ve reviewed new movies, magazines, fiction and websites that appeal to women and talked to female porn directors, webmistresses and performers. And I’ve also put up a lot of hot photos and links to free porn.


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Here’s some of my more notable posts from the last decade:

The idea that “women aren’t visual” – 2004
Can we redefine “female chauvinist pigs” please? – 2005
“Cream Pie For The Straight Guys And Catching The Gay” – 2005
What I want to see in photos and video – 2005

From the new blog:
The Good Porn Film Manifesto – Another list of things that would make for a good porn movie.
“Slut! Whore! Bitch!” – The Language of Porn – A rant about how negative language makes porn sexist.
But What If Stereotypes Turn You On? – Is there such a thing as the perfect feminist sexual fantasy?
How To Win An Erotic Fiction Competition – My somewhat grumpy tips for aspiring writers
Don’t Dream It, Be It: Women Enjoying and Making Porn – In response to Lady Porn Day 2011. The growth of women’s porn and suggestions for the future
Why Women Hate Porn (And Why They Like It) – Suggestions as to reasons why some women aren’t keen on porn.
Porn For Women – The Backlash – A discussion about how the term “porn for women” has been rejected by some due to the belief that it promotes stereotypes about what women want.
The Female Gaze Does Not Exist? – Another bit of musing (and arguing) on the terms “porn for women” and “the female gaze”.
Boring Blowjobs and Feminist Facials – Further discussion on the whole “facials are sexist” question.
“Porn For Women” is not analogous to “Bic Pens For Women” – Another discussion of the label
Is Housework Equivalent to Porn For Women? – Reactions to “that book” and the idea that a man who does the vacuuming is arousing to women.
My Decade In Online Porn – a look back at the last ten years, all spent offering erotica to women via the web.
Great Moments in Australian Censorship – my home country has a long history of being uptight about sex.
Defining the “Harm” of Porn – Some people say porn is harmful because it makes you more open and relaxed about sex and sexuality.
Why You Shouldn’t Assume That All Porn Should Be Free – It costs money to make good porn and we should be prepared to pay for the good stuff.
Advice for aspiring male porn performers – Tips on what to do (and what NOT to do)
What happened when I asked Vimeo to define “pornography” – Correspondence with the minions at this video site. Now with a gripping sequel.
“Excessive Genital Detail”: Photoshopped vulvas in men’s mags – An illustrated look at Australian censorship in magazines

And of course there’s my annual retrospectives:

Porn for Women Retrospective 2013 – “There’s no such thing as porn for women”, more feminist porn, naked Eric and updated female fantasies
Porn for Women Retrospective 2012 – The year of Fifty Shades, more naked men in movies, lots of feminist porn and the rise of romance porn
Porn for Women Retrospective 2011 – Younger women using porn, more hot movies, sites and festivals.
Porn for Women Retrospective 2010 – “Hello Ladies”, queer fun, more hot movies and anti-porn crusades.
Porn for Women Retrospective 2009 – Oprah, awards and increasing censorship – porn for women in 2009.
Porn for Women Retrospective 2008 – Another expansive look at porn for women in 2008.
Porn for Women Retrospective 2007 – A rundown of the year’s events in women’s erotica.
Porn for Women Retrospective 2006 – Another summary complete with statistics, news and views.

Ideally I should be celebrating this milestone by revamping the whole Ms. Naughty site and trying to convince Google that I’m still relevant (they hates me!). Unfortunately I have an entire feature film to edit so that job is being shunted down the “to do” list. Still, I’ll do a little quiet celebrating in my usual way (guzzling chardonnay) and will generally walk around secure in the knowledge that I’m very old on the internet.

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  1. Big congratulations on reaching 10 years – that’s absolutely fantastic! Your site is an incredible resource, and you remain an inspiration for us other long-time bloggers.

    xx Dee

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