Dusk TV About To Launch In The US

dusktv2In December 2013, Dutch erotic TV channel Dusk made waves in the mainstream media. A report that they were going to launch in the USA was widely reported, accompanied by the usual shock-horror discovery that women actually like porn (I can’t believe I’ve been making porn for 14 years and people still say this shit).

Anyway, the good news is that Dusk is finally ready to launch in America. A press release sent out yesterday said:


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Dusk! – the first and only adult TV product where content must meet the approval of a panel of women – set to launch this June in the U.S… After delivering highly successful content throughout Europe, Holland-based Dusk! will provide select programming to cable TV systems in the U.S. and U.S. territories beginning this month. Dusk! is set to deliver ‘Porna’ to its customers via Video OnDemand, reaching nearly 30 million subscribers by mid- summer.

Dusk programs its content according to the responses from female viewers via an online panel. Viewers are shown potential content and then asked to rank it according to “hotness”. The panel is mainly straight European women and their preferences tend toward straight, couples-oriented porn.

The Dusk press release includes a quote from women’s porn pioneer Candida Royalle: “I knew it was only a matter of time before Dusk! made its way to the U.S.,” says Royalle. “They work hard to find the movies and scenes women want to watch. And they don’t settle!”

Several of my films are already screening on Dusk in the Netherlands including That’s What I Like and Connections. I’m not certain but I suspect the male masturbation scenes from The Thought Of Her are the only solo male movies on the channel. My content won’t be on the US version of Dusk until September.

I guess I’m biased in my support of Dusk but I can’t help but cheer the advances they are making in creating a mainstream market for women’s porn. And I admire their determination to legitimately offer content that women want, via actual research.

I hope they do well in the US.

Here’s the press release on XBiz.