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louiselush1Hi, I’m Ms Naughty.

I’m an Australian writer, editor, webmistress, filmmaker and blogger. I’ve been making and curating porn online since 2000. In 2017 I was named Indie Porn Icon by the Toronto International Porn Festival (formerly the Feminist Porn Awards). In October 2017 I received the PorYes European Feminist Porn Award + Audience Choice Award in Berlin.

This blog is my ongoing chronicle of the latest news, books, film releases and general debates about porn for women. If it’s got anything to do with making erotic content for straight women, I’ll write about it. I also like to feature erotic photos and videos on the site, along with anything a bit quirky or amusing.

About Me:
In my pre-porn past I used to work as a librarian and then as a freelance journalist, particularly writing for Australian Women’s Forum (AWF), a magazine that explored women’s sexuality and rejected the Cosmopolitan model of fashion and diets. I wrote for AWF from 1997 to 2001 when the magazine folded. In 2000 I wrote an article about my search for decent women’s porn online and this led me to contacts within adult webmaster industry.

Thus, in 2000, I launched my first free site Grandma Scrotum’s Sex Tips and found myself having a ball creating online adult content for women.

In June 2003 I joined forces with a fellow webmistress to create For The Girls, a major magazine-based adult paysite for straight women. Our mission was to offer porn that we ourselves would enjoy and thus filled the site with photos of naked men, hardcore couples, romantic movies and some funny male stripper videos. I also wanted to create an online version of AWF and I included a bunch of my freelance pieces and wrote a whole bunch of new articles and erotic fiction for the site.

Today the site remains a massive archive of photos, movies, stories, columns, articles, interviews and more. The fan base remains very strong and For The Girls has been an ongoing success, proving that yes, women DO like porn, thank you very much. I was not actively involved in the running of FTG from 2017-2021 but I’m back with it now.

In 2004 I created the Ms Naughty Linklist to compile good quality porn for women links. I then added the blog on 7th June 2004, upgrading it to a WordPress format in January 2006. I’ve tried to keep track of developments in the “porn for women” and feminist porn genre on my blog, as well as look at censorship and other aspects of the porn industry.

Short erotic stories by me have appeared in Best Women’s Erotica 2009 and Best Women’s Erotica 2012 (as Louise Lush), edited by Violet Blue.

In 2008 I began my career in filmmaking under the name Louise Lush and Indigo Lush Media. I directed my first short film, an erotic short called That’s What I Like. The film won the Petra Joy Award for first-time female filmmakers, screened at quite a few film festivals and was nominated for a Feminist Porn Award in 2009. Since then my films have been nominated for many Feminist Porn Awards and I’ve won a few (see list below)

My short film Dear Jiz won Best Experimental Short at Cinekink NY in 2014, the first of numerous film festival awards (see list below)

My films have screened at numerous international film festivals including the Glasgow Short Film Festival, Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival. Cinekink in New York, East Bay Briefs, Good Vibrations Quickies in San Francisco, The Sexy International Film Festival in Melbourne and the Berlin Porn Film Festival, among many others (see below).

In February 2011 I gave a presentation on the history of porn for women at the Erotic Screen and Sound conference in Brisbane. In October 2011 I wrote a piece on feminist porn for the German film magazine Schnitt. The original English version of this is at Feminist Porn Guide. An essay about my experiences making women’s porn appears in The Feminist Porn Book, edited by Tristan Taormino et al., released 2013. I gave a modified presentation of this essay at the Feminist Porn Conference in Toronto in April 2013. You’ll find a video of that presentation here. In 2014 I gave two presentations at the Feminist Porn Conference and also screened a selection of my films. In 2015 I spoke on feminist porn at the WOW Women’s Conference in Brisbane, Australia. I also have a chapter in Jiz Lee’s Coming Out Like A Porn Star (2015).

I’ve gone by several names over the course of my career. I originally went under variations of my real name (bad idea) and “Grandma Scrotum”. I began using “Ms. Naughty” with the creation of my blog in 2004. When I took up filmmaking I thought I should have a more “normal” sounding name so I created “Louise Lush”. Unfortunately I began to suffer from unsightly pseudonym buildup and things got confusing so in 2012 I decided to retire Louise Lush. More info here. Unfortunately, Google’s and Facebook’s insistence on “real names” means that I’m Louise Lush on both of those sites. Now I use both names but prefer “Ms. Naughty”. Word of advice: pick a good “real sounding” pseudonym at the start and stick with it.

In December 2012 I launched Bright Desire. This features all of my erotic videos, short films and mini documentaries, along with my erotic fiction and polemic writing. Bright Desire expands beyond the confines of the “porn for women” genre and caters to men as well as women, offering a diversity of material. The focus has been on heterosexual sex, but not exclusively and has recently feature more queer and diverse content. The site deliberately ignores the fake line between “gay” and “straight” and seeks to cater to anyone who’s interested. More than half the members are male. Since its launch the site has been incredibly successful and has exceeded my expectations for popularity. It has featured in FHM magazine, Cosmopolitan and been mentioned by the BBC. Bright Desire was named Honored Website at the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards.

In 2014 I completed my first feature film The Fantasy Project. It premiered at the Berlin Porn Film Festival in October and an excerpt showed at the Cinekink “Bring It!” showcase in February 2015.

At time of writing this update (April 2022), I’m still running Bright Desire. I haven’t been blogging as much due to time pressures with running Bright Desire, along with issues with my health. The pandemic has put a hold on filming for the moment and I’m not sure when I’ll get back to it.

The future for me remains a mix of filmmaking, writing, blogging and running my sites. And taking some time off after 22 years making porn.

Here’s a list of media mentions about either me or Bright Desire.


The Fantasy Project (2014)

Short Films:

That’s What I Like (2009) – Director, Editor
Paddling The Pink Canoe (2009) – Director, Actor, Editor, Writer
Fucking is the Only Prayer (2010) – Director, Editor
The Thought Of Her (short) (2011) – Director, Editor, Writer
I.M. In Love (2012) – Director, Editor, Writer
Kaleidogasm (2012) – Director, Editor
Kaleidogasm 2 (2013) – Director, Editor
Dear Jiz (2013) – Director, Editor
Fist of the Spider Woman (2013) – Director, Editor
An Open Letter… (2013) – Director, Editor
What He Left Behind… (2014) – Director, Editor
Transported… (2014) – Director, Editor
Tease… (2014) – Director, Editor
Something Better: Performers Talk About Feminism And Porn (2014) – Director, Editor
Immunized With A Gramophone Needle (2014) – Director, Editor
Instructed (2014) – Director, Editor
Hand Jobs (2015) – Director, Editor
Taste (2015) – Director, Editor
Self/ies (2015) – Director, Editor
Perversion for (Feminist Fun) and Profit (2015) – Director, Editor
Scarlet Woman (2015) – Director, Editor
Ryan James: Single Handed (2015) – Director, Editor
Immersed (2016) – Director, Editor
Since You Asked So Nicely – Director, Editor
See Me (2016) – Director, Editor
Trinity (2017) – Director, Editor
Devourable (2017) – Director, Editor
Yes Campaign (2017) – Director, Editor
Oral Exam (2018) – Director, Editor
I Am Lucie Bee (2019) – Director, Editor
Linger (2019) – Director, Editor
It’s Complicated (2020) – Director, Editor

Scenes and Shorts for BrightDesire.com

Leah and Mal, Aeryn and Theo, Shin Kou’s Fantasy, The Best Fantasies, Phone Sex, Wanting You, Vince, Theo, Jes, Coming Home, Sundae and Andrew, If You Were Here, Gratified Grateful, Jade and Tommy, Mon Cheri, Your Marks On My Skin, The Boss Is Watching, Fame Fantasy, Yes Sir, Danse Erotique, Molly and Rael, Tactile, Lazy Sunday, Fiona and Vincent, Ryan James: Single Handed, Kim and Jay: 24/7, Chase: Shadows, Lucie and Lucas Bedsports, The Male Gaze in Porn (With Commentary By Doge), Lather, Face to Face, Exhibition, The Birthday Wish, Immersed, It’s Complicated, Summer and Dean, Since You Asked So Nicely, Devourable, Ophelia and Woody, See Me, You’re So Good At Me, Amelie and James, See You Next Tuesday, Jiz and Bishop: The Crush, Trinity: Extended, Lenore and Heartsucker: Home, Seven and Nine: Held, Theo and Candy: Photoplay, Michelle and Marina: Likeness, Pandora and Parker: Reunion, Lilith and Dante, Dion and Roo: Oral Exam, Angel and Brendan, Mac and BeeBee, Shelley and Richard

Various Berlin Film Festival and Feminist Porn Awards mini docos


PorYes European Feminist Porn Oyster Award + Audience Choice, 2017
Indie Porn Icon, Toronto International Porn Festival 2017

“It’s Complicated” Honourable Mention at SECS Fest Seattle 2020
“I Am Lucie Bee” Honourable Mention at Cinekink NY 2019
“Linger” Best Orgasm and Most Likely To Make You Want To Fuck at EBX Briefs 2017
“Oral Exam” Best International Film at the Toronto International Porn Festival 2018
“Yes Campaign” Best Advocacy Short at Cinekink NY 2018
“Trinity” Best Orgasm and Most Likely To Make You Want To Fuck at EBX Briefs 2017
“See Me” Best Sex Positive Film at SECS Fest 2017
“See Me” Best Political Film at Pop Porn Brazil 2017
“Immersed” Best Artistic Film at Pop Porn Brazil 2017
“Hand Jobs” Best Cinematography, East Bay Express Briefs, 2016
Bright Desire, Honoured Website, Feminist Porn Awards, 2015
“Instructed”, Best BDSM Scene, Feminist Porn Awards, 2015
“Tease”, Honorable Mention, Cinekink NY, 2015
“Dear Jiz”, Best Experimental Short, Cinekink NY, 2014
“Something Better”, Honorarable Mention, Feminist Porn Awards, 2014
“Connections”, Honorarable Mention, Feminist Porn Awards, 2013
“That’s What I Like”, Petra Joy Award For Best New Filmmaker, 2009

Best Specialty Website – Female Directed, XBiz Awards 2018, 2019
Best Website – For Women, XBiz Awards 2017
Best Alternative Website, AVN Awards, 2015, 2016
Best Alternative Website, XBiz Awards 2015
Best Website – For Women, X Biz Awards 2016

Various Feminist Porn Award Nominations 2010-2015
That’s What I Like 2010
Fucking Is The Only Prayer 2011
The Thought of Her 2012
Bright Desire.com 2014
The Fantasy Project 2015

Festival Screenings (not a full list)

Berlin Porn Film Festival 2009/11/12/13/15/16/17/18/19
Cinekink New York 2010/11/12/13/14/16/17/18/19/20
East Bay Briefs 2014/15/16/17
Zurich Philosophy Festival 2021
Seattle Erotic Cinema Society (SECS) Festival 2017, 2020
Athens Porn Film Festival 2020
San Francisco Porn Film Festival 2020
London Lesbian Film Festival (Canada) 2019
Porn Film Festival Vienna 2019
Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival 2018
Queergestreift Queer Film Festival, Constance, Germany, 2018
Glasgow Short Film Festival 2017
London Porn Film Festival 2017
Porny Days Zurich 2017
Toronto International Porn Festival 2017
Seattle Transgender Film Festival 2017
Pop Porn Festival Brazil 2016/17
Failed Films SF 2016/17
What The Fuck Festival Paris 2016
Muestra Marrana, Mexico 2015
Xposed International Film Festival Berlin 2015
Holy Fuck Film Festival Amsterdam 2015
Le Fete Du Slip Switzerland 2015/18
British Fetish Film Festival 2015
Pornotopia Albuquerque 2015
Tilde Transgender Film Festival 2014
Perv Queerotic Film Festival Sydney 2013
Good Vibes Quickies 2012
Painted Lips and Lolly Licks Festival 2011/14
Hard Liquor and Porn Festival 2012
Sexy International Film Festival Melbourne, Paris and Los Angeles 2009/10,

Full list of screenings and awards here.

Contact me:
email msnaughty AT msnaughty DOT com


PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT CURRENTLY DO SPONSORED POSTS. Please don’t email me requesting them.


PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT SEND CASTING EMAILS TO THIS ADDRESS. I will not reply. IndigoLush.com/casting is what you want. I’m not filming right now.


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