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* Does sex sell movies? Not really – I was surprised to find that a Wiccan actress was behind this study. She feels that actresses shouldn’t have to be naked in the name of their art. It’s an interesting idea but her push to remove sex or nudity from film is incredibly sex-negative. It means refusing to portray an important aspect of human experience. The study also doesn’t seem to take into account the ratings system which can impact on box office receipts.


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* Embracing Teenage Sexuality – Let’s rethink the age of consent – a great opinion piece on Huffington Post.

* Sorry chaps but please get your kit on! says a former Cosmo editor in the Daily Mail. She trots out the same old “women aren’t visual” argument. Boring. I can’t even be bothered going there except to say: what a pity she was editor of Cosmo for so long, refusing to offer centerfolds. Denied!