Now Australia Is Banning Small Boobs

Small boobs - obscene now?The Australian Sex Party has released a statement on their site about the new bans on female ejaculation films (my original post is here).

Turns out that squirting is not the only natural aspect of female sexuality that the Classification Board deems obscene. Now small boobs are in the firing line.

The Board has also started to ban depictions of small-breasted women in adult publications and films. This is in response to a campaign led by Kids Free 2 B Kids and promoted by Barnaby Joyce and Guy Barnett in Senate Estimates late last year. Mainstream companies such as Larry Flint’s Hustler produce some of the publications that have been banned. These companies are regulated by the FBI to ensure that only adult performers are featured in their publications. “We are starting to see depictions of women in their late 20s being banned because they have an A cup size”, Fiona said. “It may be an unintended consequence of the Senator’s actions but they are largely responsible for the sharp increase in breast size in Australian adult magazines of late”.

Fiona says she’s seen some of the photos deemed “too flat chested” and the women depicted had larger breasts than her.


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Why ban small boobs? I can only assume it stems from paranoia that flat chests somehow stir up the pedophiles. And you only need to mention that “p” word to start a full-scale moral panic in Parliament.

Shall we put such hysteria aside and look at what this ruling is saying to Australian women? Basically, it’s classing a certain normal female body type as obscene. It’s declaring all flat chests to be automatically juvenile, something that should not be viewed by anyone because of a fear that it will stir up “base instincts” in certain people.

Can the Classification Board be any more insulting or sexist?

As mentioned in the statement, adult companies are already narrowing down the range of “acceptable” body types they can display. Add in the requirement to Photoshop out any glimpses of inner labia and you’ve got a delightful recipe for distorted body images.

Indeed, these new rules are pretty much saying: normal women should have nice large fake tits and never emit any kind of liquid when they orgasm. Actually, it might even be less obscene if the women don’t have orgasms at all. Much easier that way. Just stick to the facials and the bukkake, thanks very much.

Oh, and if you’re a guy who just happens to think small boobs are sexy? Look out, mate. You’re obviously a pervert.

This all stems from the law that says that not only should a model be over 18, she has to LOOK over 18. This kind of extremely-hard-to-define rule exists solely to prevent thought crime. But too late! Now, thanks to the prudes, we’re all forced to look at women with small boobs from the perspective of a pedophile, trying to work out if she looks “too young.”

There’s an easier way to do it, folks. It’s called identification. If a model is over 18… well, she’s over 18. Simple, sensible, straightforward. Far too sensible for this government, obviously.

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40 Replies to “Now Australia Is Banning Small Boobs”

  1. I’m apparently a pervert.

    Actually, this frankly shocked me. Is there a source somewhere that shows these new directives to the Classification Board? I haven’t been able to track one down.

  2. So what you are saying is that now ‘small breasts’ fall into the category of Refused Classification in Australia. Do you have any examples, maybe a link to the Classification Boards decision, showing that this is actually happening?

    1. Unfortunately this is part of the problem with the Classification Board. Their decisions are not necessarily transparent. The Sex Party is relying on information obtained from Customs. In turn, Customs has been directed by the Board to confiscate movies and magazines with female ejaculation or small boobs. As far as I’m aware, there is no official documentation saying this, certainly none that I can get my hands on. Fiona Patten at the Sex Party may be better able to answer this question.
      But here’s an example of how hard it can be to get information out of the Board:

  3. Oh god what’s next- banning depictions of shaved/waxed genitals because they look “prepubescent”?

  4. Anyone who is in a relationship with a petite woman better watch out! The police will be knocking on your door soon.

    This is simply going to propagate and we’ll find that as a generation of women grow up, they will only be exposed to large-breasted pornography, and as such we’ll have a huge increase in negative body image among women and a massive increase in breast enlargement surgery.

    Not to mention that the government has now labeled a large portion of the community as less-than-adult. They now no longer have the right to be photographed performing sexual acts, as it will be deemed creating child pornography.

  5. All I can say is that if womenhood depends on a females breast size then this society is very very sick.

    What about the WWII singer Edith Piaf, she was only 4?8? and I would imagine she had only size A breasts if that. And yet she inspired millions.

    Talking about WWII.

    “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as government is perceived as working for the benefit of children, the people happily will endure almost any curtailment of liberty”. Adolf Hitler

    By RexAlan on Jan 28, 2010

  6. I´m glad i won´t be considered a pervert,cos i like big boobs…(even when my girlfriend have small ones :P),but still this is absolutely insane.
    We are going in a very very dangeorus way where everybody is considered a criminal before doing anything and just pointing that “it COULD happen…”
    Yes, kill all females, so that rapers won´t exist…and then, kill all boys cos tjere are paedophiles that could rape then…(and same with sheeps and other kind of anymals with orifices)

    In fact, I want to call to all governments to edit laws against big pennis(over…let say 5 inch :P) so men won´t be hurt or jealous,cos frustration can make people to turn into criminals ¬_¬

  7. As small-breasted women are clearly children, not adults, no matter what their chronological age, it only seems fair that their civil rights be taken away from them too — voting, marrying (my god, the horror), driving, signing contracts, that sort of thing. We must protect the children! It’s only the sensible thing to do.

    I assume they will have to establish a Breast Size Evaluation Board to monitor this situation. Be sure to get certified on your “bloated” days, ladies.

  8. I guess that makes me a pervert then.

    So the comics I’m working on, both pornographic and adventure, in which I’ll be trying to depict normal body shapes, may not be allowed on sale in Australia? That’s a biggish market I just lost.

    I agree with Carji, this is going to have negative effects if it’s allowed to go on too long.

  9. This is what happens when your society and politicians are influenced by propaganda. Same thing happened with knives in the UK. The funny thing is that as history and statistics have told humanity many, many times. Banning something will only increase the occurrence of what ever you’re trying to prevent in doing so. The knife legislation in the UK increased violent crime to record highs that have yet to fall. In Australia the restrictions on guns have led to an overall increase in gun crime. These two examples lead me to believe that this new restriction will lead to an increase in general pedophilia, rape, molestation, and golden showers. The only ethical consolation I have is that my government is far too corrupt and bureaucratic to attempt anything like this and the blacklist.

  10. This is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, I had c-cups when I was thirteen and they’ve grown to dd’s since–when I was fifteen or sixteen. When I was still very, very, illegal. However, having those boobs did not make me look “mature.” If there was a pedophile looking, he was looking not because of breast size but because I was a child. (On the contrary, my mother’s breasts are an a-cup. Are you going to tell me she’s underdeveloped or unattractive because of it? That someone who is attracted to her–at least when she was younger, in her twenties–was a pedophile?) Pedophilia is a disease, not a choice, and not something that can be encouraged, and pedophiliacs are not attracted to eighteen year olds (who, frankly, are pretty hot, totally legal, and in their sexual prime) but to prepubescent kids. The correct term for someone attracted to a person between the ages of 18 and 25 is “human.”

    On another note, I’m an eighteen year old girl, and I like to watch porn. Nothing turns me off faster than obviously enlarged breasts. You know what I mean, when the breast looks like it was stuck there with a suction cup, too big, too round, too fake. Women with a and b cup breasts now would have to get boob jobs in order to look “more mature.” I call bullshit.

    Also, as long as I’m ranting–female ejaculation? Really? So no, it doesn’t appeal to me personally, but that doesn’t make it unnatural. And the inner labia thing just makes people look more like children. Jesus Australia, has it come to this?

  11. Paedophilia stems from issues about the loss and regaining of control. It is not a physical attraction; it’s an attraction to power and control. Therefore it is foolish of the government to think that small-breasted women will attract paedophilic attention and should be removed from the pornographic arena.

    All the government are doing is blindly stirring up a hornet’s nest of public outrage and causing damage to the female population…yet again. Women are yet again targeted and blamed for our patriarchal society’s sexual issues. It’s not a small-breasted woman’s fault that her body looks like that, so why should she be deemed the cause of “inappropriate desire” ? It’s akin to saying all women should be locked up inside their homes because being seen may arouse lust and incite rape; or to saying that all rape victims ‘deserved it’.

  12. I don’t understand it’s like the government has turned into a easy beaten up stay at home father who gets smacked around by his other half when he doesn’t safety proof EVERYTHING in the house, the Australian government should toughen up on all the prudes and tell them that they shouldn’t look at the porn sites if they dislike it, I mean how hard is it to go type in a porn domain name and go well I don’t want to look at it, jesus so many fucking morons in parliament

  13. John Bennerfork Says:
    “In Australia the restrictions on guns have led to an overall increase in gun crime.”

    Um, no it hasn’t.
    Also, the Australian sex Party is kinda vague on the realities of this so called boob-ban. Perhaps you should check your sources more thoroughly before publishing someone else’s agenda as if it were fact.
    However the female ejaculation situation certainly needs to be addressed- we should be embracing (not hiding) such a fantastic part of female sexuality.

  14. For one,this article is completely obscene. I cannot fathom that a country could actually have the nerve to declare something like this. A huge percentile of women in the world have an A cup or smaller breast size. And look at the amount of girls these days who are under 18 who have a C cup or larger. Who are these people to make the assumption that small breasts belong on young girls only?
    As for whomever wrote this article, thank you for making such an abhorrent issue, that much more offensive. Even if a women has small breasts, she still has breasts. To have an A or AA cup breast size does not make you “flat-chested”. If you feel so strongly about the obscenity of this issue, maybe you should be using a more topic-sensitive language. I’m not sure about any other women out there who have read this, but as a women with a smaller breast size (small B cup) I find it atrocious that a writer who assumes to know what “sensible” is, could use such juvenile and offensive words to describe small breasted women.

    1. Uh Jessica. Rest assured, I am on the side of all women, no matter what size their breasts. I used “flat chested” as a handy descriptive term, I certainly did not intend to cause offence. I’m not yet aware of any politically-correct alternative.

  15. whoa!!! for openers, let me state the Barnaby Joyce is a fruitcake. His thniking is just not deep enough to counter that he is offending people.

    They are trying (woefully) to out the brakes on publications that use legal aged, but small breasted, women to overtly imitate minors.

    I think the evidence that this type of pornography is related to pedophilia is weak to non-existent, and that a ban would be more or less pointless.

    But barnanby’s heart, if not his brain, is at least in the right place

  16. I agree with Jessica since I would think that ‘small-breasted’ is a far better descriptive term than flat chested. Small breasted acknowledges that even though small, they are in fact still there. The term flat chested I take as an elementary term that people over the sixth grade level should know is not particularly complimentary. Flat chested makes it seem as though there is nothing there. Women with small breasts doesn’t make them any less a woman. There is still sensation (pleasure) and purpose (breastfeeding)…these, I would say depict the essence of the purpose of the female body(and grown-up female at that).

    1. OK point taken, apologies to anyone who was upset by the phrase. Unfortunately I’m hesitant to change the original post as it’s now been quoted in numerous places. Suffice to say I won’t use the term in the future.

  17. This is INSANE! I happen to love women with small breasts, and have had more than a few fully-grown girlfriends with A and B cup breasts, and occasionally even less than that, and it is OUTRAGEOUS to suggest that they don’t have the same right to be viewed as sexy and sexual as their larger-breasted sisters! This is an atrocity.

    The only reason the average cup size in this country has shot up from B to C in the last 15 years is because we’re now almost all overweight – the AVERAGE size for a slim and healthy woman’s breasts IS an A or B! Wake up people! Wake up NOW! How in God’s name can a move like this be seen as ‘protecting’ children in any way, when the children growing up with these images are obviously going to grow up be a sick, weird bunch indeed!! COME ON!

    And female ejaculation!? Is there anyhting these clowns won’t attack??! Female ejaculation is beautiful, and it’s a wonderful and special thing if you are lucky enough to have a partner who is capable of expressing her pleasure in that way. This makes me despair.

  18. This hysteria is ridiculous, I’m glad girls like you have the guts to post a pic of a delicious flat chest, it’s braver than most guys =P

  19. That photo looks like my chest. Does that mean that any man who is attracted to me should be arrested for child molestation? Good thing I don’t live in Australia. 😉

    1. Mike you may notice that I have made about 10 comments on that Crikey thread. It’s not a hoax although admittedly the headline is over the top. The issue of “appears under 18” censorship remains.
      There has also been no denial that depictions of female ejaculation are now being classified RC.

  20. As a petite woman I am absolutely horrified.
    I don’t see myself as adolsecent, why should anyone else?
    Are we being branded as such?
    I don’t remember finding the fountain of youth.
    They are basically saying that anyone who finds my body attractive is a pedo.
    All of my boyfriends have been perverts??
    No one can find me sexy without something being off?

  21. well i think this is perfectly reasonable. i wouldn’t even let women with tits smaller than C go outside. ugh, if you know people who like them, please, reserve your social interaction to them.

    What i dont get is the squirting part, that is just stupid.

    1. Marathe, I’m assuming you’re being sarcastic in that first paragraph. Otherwise it’s a very offensive thing to say and I nearly deleted this comment.

  22. I don’t even know. Are people really this dense?

    A, children don’t have breasts. Adults have breasts.
    B, if an adult looks at a small-breasted woman and equals her to a child, that says a whole lot more about the viewer than the subject.
    C, but never mind all that, because not only are we body-shaming large-breasted women who look terribly slutty in too tight tops, but we’ll bring more equality by being equally shaming to more body types.

    Australia’s govt needs to get itself a hobby, is all I can say.

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