Female Fantasies Wins Best Soft Film

Petra Joy and her best soft film award.Congratulations to Petra Joy. Her film Female Fantasies has won Best Soft Film at the Barcelona Erotic Film Festival (site is a bit out of date). I’m not sure it deserves the moniker “soft” because the film is certainly hardcore in places. Perhaps the definitions have shifted somewhat and “hardcore” can only mean DPs and rough sex or something like that.

Anyway, Petra’s blog has a great post about it entitled “It’s the winning that counts.”


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It is the winning that counts because it makes you realize that it was all worth it: to spend five months working day and night, borrowing 30 grand from the bank to finance the film, taking out more money to pay for the flight and accommodation in Barcelona. It all comes down to this point: holding the solid bronze award in my hand with the biggest smile in my heart.

At the time of writing, Petra should be in Berlin attending the Venus Trade Fair. She says that Female Fantasies has been nominated for an award there as well at the eLine Awards. Apparently they have a new category this year – Female Hardcore Porn – but I’m hard pressed to find any further information about it. Hopefully Petra can fill us in soon.

I really wish her well. It’s great that the film is winning awards because it really deserves it.

Visit the official Female Fantasies site here.
It’s also available at Strictly Broadband.

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