Wake Up! It’s A New Day!

Sexy couple waking up
So it’s Monday, the start of a new week and the rest of my life.

Thought I’d better put up a sexy photo post, it’s been a long time between sexiness on this blog, what with all the depression and censorship and stuff. This photo set can be found at For The Girls, of course.


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Amid all this frustration and doom and gloom, this photo reminds me why I make porn – I want to see pleasure, joy, intimacy, playfulness and love in the world! I want couples to enjoy sex together, I want women to embrace their sexuality, to explore their sexual possibilities and enhance their relationships. I want chicks to love their bodies and to get off!

I’m not about corrupting anybody, or spreading hatred, or exploiting anybody. I want to make porn better, more ethical and inclusive and realistic and wonderful. I want to make sex better through the use of good, positive porn.

And I want adults to be able to access that porn as they see fit, without interference from anybody else. Personal responsibility, private decisions, individual morality.

Wake up! Porn can and should be wonderful!