I Love Sex Campaign

I Love Sex CampaignThe lovely Ell told me about a new campaign from the Eros Foundation that just may make me forgive Robbie Swan for those other stupid comments about banning porn in the NT.

They’ve started the I Love Sex Campaign, setting up a handy page that allows you to send emails to politicians, defending the right to enjoy porn.


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It’s a response to Christian lobby groups which are engaged in their own fiendish email campaign.

Ell also directed me to this page from one of the Christian groups, encouraging people to boycott the advertisers who have bought space during Californication. It gives a handy list of the cowardly companies that caved in to their bullshit, along with those that just ignored it.

So, if you’re feeling a bit political, please send an email to the pollies or to the businesses who were browbeaten and let them know that we’re not all sex-hating God botherers who seek to impose one set of “morals” on everyone.