Youtube Bans My Video For “Misleading Title”

I had a video on Youtube called “Porn Scene Goes Horribly Wrong”. It’s a joke video in which a couple kiss but can’t have sex because “I’m not feeling it because people don’t pay for porn anymore.” It’s an anti piracy statement.

Youtube has banned it.


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Their email said: “Content that contains spam, scams, or other deceptive practices that seek to exploit the community are not allowed on YouTube. This includes titles, thumbnails, or descriptions that promise users something in the video but actually direct them to another site.”

So I’ve been banned for having a misleading title promising viewers a porn scene. Which suggests Youtube is upset that my video DIDN’T contain a porn scene, which could be a first.

Last I remember, the scene had over a million views or similar (though of course I can’t monetize videos on Youtube so this vid just served as a nice bit of promo for Bright Desire). Now it’s gone. I can’t appeal because it will draw attention to my channel and this will probably result in the whole thing being deleted. They won’t need an excuse, they’ll just do it. So I have to suck this up and let it go.

And complain here.

This is the latest in the long line of bannings and deletions I’ve faced over the last decade with bullshit excuses behind them:
Vimeo deletes my account… again.
What happened when I asked Vimeo to define “sexual stimulation”
What happened when I asked Vimeo to define “pornography”
Am I terminated from Youtube or not?

Two years ago when Vimeo deleted my account I said I was exhausted by all this shit. I’m still exhausted. I’m now into year 21 of making porn on the web but I’m just so damned tired of fighting this shit. The online spaces that accept porn (or even just discussions of sexuality) are being erased and I’m sick of being squeezed out. How is anyone supposed to work under these conditions?

When I started in porn I thought society would advance, that we’d all come to be much more relaxed and knowledgeable about sex and sexuality. That was a pipe dream.

Anyway, here’s the original video “Porn Scene Goes Horribly Wrong”

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