Survey Of What Women Find Sexy

Two pics from the Time Out Survey of What Women Find Sexy.NY Time Out’s Sex Issue has heaps of great reading, including Audacia Ray’s personal discovery of double penetration and a whacky article entitled I Want To Have Sex With My Bicycle.

There’s also an online photo survey about what women find sexy. In the interests of science I decided to write down the statistics, unscientific though they are. It’s interesting that I could guess the answers in most cases, although some of the photos were obscure and probably screwed up the answers a little.

Shaving Style
Stubble = 73%
Clean-shaven = 27%
Total votes: 1847


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Body Type
Beefy male model with pecs and six pack = 61%
Thin guy in amateur-type pic wearing coral necklace = 39%
Total votes: 1556

Small monochrome tatt of stylised lion on a man’s shoulder = 74%
Full enchalada tatt in multiple colors such as you’d find on a Hell’s Angel = 26%
Total votes: 1428

Uncircumcised = 57%
Circumcised = 43%
Total votes: 1959

B&W pic of hands in loose fists = 57%
Color pic of white man’s hands pressed together and splayed = 43%
Total votes 1959

Boxer briefs = 85%
Y fronts = 15%
Total votes: 1282

Hairless = 75%
Hairy, as in the Burt Reynolds centerfold from 1972 = 25%
Total votes: 1279

White guy in white jeans = 74%
Black guy in lycra football pants = 26%
Total votes: 1211

Blue Collar Fantasy
Hot pool guy and blonde bimbo = 81%
Mechanic and blonde bimbo = 19%
Total votes: 1192

Sex Aid
Whipped cream and strawberries = 73%
Obscure device with probe and wire = 27%
Total votes: 1358