Beefcake Calendar Bonanza

French rugby calendar dieux du stade 2008Never mind that Mormon calendar, I think it’s time to post some links to seriously hot beefcake calendars depicting near-naked sportsmen, male models and everyday guys who strip off for charity.

* First, there’s the wickedly French 2008 Dieux De Stade (Gods of the Stadium) calendar featuring rugby players (thanks to Viviane for the link). These pics leave little to the imagination and feature such clever cock-hiding props as a statue, chains and an omnipresent steel rugby ball. There’s also a rather homoerotic pic featuring two guys and a video camera. Here’s last year’s if you’re not satisfied.

* Men For All Seasons features a very nice selection of Australian Rules players with plenty of arty sepia photography. Not as nude as one would like, but still plenty of eye candy to be had.

* Another rugby calendar is the Angels of Rugby, featuring a too-good-to-be-true line up of Italian firemen who also play football. This charity publication gave its profits to Hurricane Katrina relief.


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* Sheffield Hallam University Rugby Club have put out a couple of great beefcake calendars (site works best in IE). Although there’s rather a lot of group pics… seems the boys like to streak a bit.

* Unfortunately the URL for the League of Their Own 2006 calendar doesn’t work anymore. Thankfully the nice folk at Hunk Du Jour scanned in a few pics. Here’s my post on it from last year.

* America’s Heroes from the Freedom Is Not Free association features beefy marines looking very macho. Profits go towards aiding wounded US servicemen and their families.

* This site informs me that the Fire Department of New York won’t be allowing their employees to pose in hunk calendars anymore. This happened because coverboy Michael Biserta appeared in a Guys Gone Wild video and pissed off the fire chief. Ah well. Here’s some pics from the FDNY 2006 calendar.

* The Waterbury Firefighters Calendar 2007 has sold out, apparently, but you can still enjoy the pics at their site.

* All those up in arms about the Porn for Women book won’t much like the Urban Photography housework calendar which features nude guys doing chores around the house. I like it – this offers a whole lot more nudity than the book and that’s always a good thing. Where else can you find a photo of a naked man with a massive afro changing a lightbulb? I like the guy changing the sheets too. Proceeds go towards a breast cancer charity.

* Another breast cancer fundraiser is A Load Of Balls. The guys in this one don’t show their faces – or give much info at all. Still, the bodies are nice.

* The Balls 2 Cancer calendar is very much an “everyday guy” nude publication. It’s aim is to raise awareness of testicular cancer and features 12 blokes who were friends with a testicular cancer victim. I included this one because I really quite like their cheeky faces in the main photo.

* Men of Mortuaries 2008 is due to come out shortly and it all looks… kind of macabre. Still, it might be just the thing to give your sullen goth cousin for Christmas.

You’ll find a heap of erotic male model calendars for sale here. Who knew that there were so many naked men calendars out there?

* Bonus calendar: Men with Buns. OK, so this one doesn’t contain nudity, unfortunately, but I just had to link to it. Yes, these are men pictured with their pet rabbits. Awwwwwww.

Thanks to Purple Master for the great list of charity calendars.