Women Keen To See Matthew McConaughey Naked

Following the widely circulated article called “Where are the naked men?” – discussed in this post – the Chicago Sun-Times has done a little research. They asked their female readers which man they would prefer to see naked.

Matthew McConaughey NudeThe overwhelming response was Matthew McConaughey (and seeing this pic, can you blame them?)

Seems ladies in the Chicago area can’t get enough of the lovely Matt, although they voted for a wide list of other hot celebrities (see below).

What was also revealing was that while women were writing in, clamouring to see more nude male flesh, men were getting all serious and making sweeping statements about how women weren’t visual and don’t really like seeing naked men anyway. What’s more they seemed eager to point out that men were ugly, base creatures who can’t help but look at porn.


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Like the guy who couldn’t believe that women would want to look at men because they’re “hairy, smelly dudes.” Uh, maybe that’s just you, mate.

This all has a very familiar ring to it. Male webmasters always seem to say the same thing.

Official sex expert-type-person Laura Berman gives her view as to why men react this way:

“When men see naked men, they immediately go on the defensive. Just like it’s not appropriate in this country for men to be affectionate with one another, I think it has to do with our homophobia more than anything else.”

So, what’s the appeal with Matt? Well, he does have a bit of a baby face, and apparently the “In Touch” weekly poll saw his chest voted as the best in Hollywood.

Better still, he seems to have a disembodied third hand, if the pic is anything to go by. Actually, I have to say, that really is a great photo. I got it from Most Beautiful Man.

The runners up for “Men women most wanted to see nude” are:

Christian Bale – Hmm, a few too many “psychopath” vibes for me
Eric Bana – Is it green? Actually, he’s still “Chopper” to me, so I’m not going there
Antonio Banderas – I’ll pay this one, especially if he’s stripping off a Zorro outfit
George Clooney – Yeah baby! George gets sexier as he gets older, I think.
John Corbett – He’s that cute guy who had a Big Fat Greek Wedding. Nice enough
Tom Cruise – EEK! No! Not after that couch thing. Actually, not after Eyes Wide Shut
Matt Dillon – Has Matt made some kind of deal with Satan? Why does he look exactly the same as when he was in The Outsiders? (yes, I’m showing my age now)
Colin Farrell – After seeing those pussy licking screenshots from the sex tape, hell yeah!
Bill Goldberg – A wrestling star… what the?
Jake Gyllenhaal – Only if Heath Ledger strips next to him.
LL Cool J – Only if he promises not to rap anything
Tim McGraw – I’m definitely partial to men with goatees. Although I’m not sure why the country girls chose him and not Billy Ray Cyrus
Joaquin Phoenix – He’ll always be Leaf to me
Brad Pitt – Well, duh
Jonathon Rhys Meyers – What am I, a cradle snatcher?
The Rock – Shall I start to make “rock hard” jokes now?
Kevin Spacey -Haven’t they seen that shower scene in American Beauty?
Jon Stewart – After the Oscars, I don’t think so

Others that I could be bothered commenting on include:

Justin Chambers (from Grey’s Anatomy)
Patrick Dempsey
James Denton (Desperate Housewives)
Matthew Fox (Lost)
Josh Hartnett
Boris Kodjoe (“Soul Food”)
Derrek Lee (a baseball player)
Christopher Meloni (Law and Order)
Barrack Obama
Adam Rodriguez (CSI Miami)
Vince Vaughn
Osama Bin Laden.

Ok, I made that last one up.