Naked Men Dancing: Disrobics

Ah, what a classic video. There’s just so much to love: the music, the mustaches, the way the guys fling their dicks around like they’re tassels. I guess this goes to prove why it’s often better that male strippers don’t take it all off. Is there any way for a man to dance naked and not look undignifed?

I actually received this video via email accompanied by many exhortations to “check out dancer number 3!” And yes, he’s not bad. Some of them have got great hip isolation, I have to say.


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I managed to find an embeddable flash version but unfortunately the quality isn’t great. Bear with me though, it’s worth it.

Update July 2, 2013. I’ve changed out the video, now it’s a Youtube version, still very crap quality. Watch it before Youtube takes it down! Or see the one at Spankwire, which I didn’t want to embed because spammy tube site.