Bright Desire Turns 10


It’s Bright Desire’s 10th birthday. I launched on 1st December 2012 and here we are, ten years later, still going strong.


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I wanted to do various celebratory things for this milestone but my health has decided to flare up the last couple of days so not a lot got done. I did manage to edit together a “show reel” video with highlights of the last decade.

Where to from here? Well, I’m not closing the site anytime soon. It’s still grooving along. I’m really hoping I can get back to filming in 2023, I’ve got a few ideas I want to follow up. In the meantime I’m adding new content and featuring the work of guest directors regularly. These are people whose work I admire and I think their films will vibe with the site.

The online landscape has changed radically in the last ten years and I’ll admit I’m worried about the future. With Twitter being endangered I don’t know how many online spaces are left for me to promote the site or gain new members. OnlyFans and other performer-driven sites have meant that everyone with a phone is making and selling their films now, so I have a lot of competition. And I gotta say, the whole TikTok aesthetic of filming and editing makes me… wince.

If nothing else, Bright Desire offers films with a variety of perspectives and a focus on intimacy, laughter and realism. And two cameras, filmed in widescreen 🙂