Instructed – A New Erotic Film With Pandora Blake

In Toronto on the day of the Feminist Porn Awards I shot a film with Pandora Blake from Dreams of Spanking. We had decided to collaborate on a joint project to be shared on both of our sites and I had asked if Pandora wanted to do a solo scene with a fantasy voiceover. As it was going to be her first “hardcore” explicit sex scene, Pandora suggested a better idea, one that would involve her real-life dominant lover, D.

The plan was this: D. would write up a list of erotic instructions for Pandora to perform on camera and email them to me. I’d print them out but keep them secret from Pandora so she wouldn’t know what was planned until the cameras started rolling. She would read the letter on film and then carry out her instructions.


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The end result is one of the sexiest films I’ve ever shot. The scene includes anal play, self-spanking, and masturbation, along with the unusual situation of an absent – yet very much in evidence – dominant partner. It’s technically a solo film but in a way I think I could classify it as a “real life couple” scene. It’s also incredibly sensual and surprisingly emotional; you can see that Pandora is thinking of her lover during the scene and loving every second of it.

The scene goes live at Bright Desire this Friday. I thought I’d put up a preview video here to encourage you to join. Honestly, you won’t regret it – this movie is seriously erotic.

The other fun thing about this scene is it was shot with a BBC journo watching. Read about that in this post.

Update 17 April 2015. Instructed won Best BDSM Scene at the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards! Also, it’s now available at Bright Desire VOD!