Media Mentions And Sex News


Thought I’d do a quickie roundup of recent sex news, mainly because there’s two articles that mention me and Bright Desire.

* 10 Things Porn Gets Horribly Wrong About Women And Sex – I’m quoted toward the bottom of this humour piece by Anna Pulley about the various silly ways that porn can depict women and women’s sexuality. Anna asked for input via Twitter and I ended up writing half an essay in reply… I should publish it here as a separate post. Being quoted in this piece is a nice ego boost and it gives me another example to give to Google Plus to prove that yes, Ms Naughty really is the name I go by.


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* The Problem with Porn – This piece discusses the problem with porn as sex ed as revealed by the recent SBS doco The Sex Lives of Australian Teenagers. It then recommends feminist porn as an option – including links to Bright Desire and FTG.

* Porn makes sexist men sexist – It’s been reported elsewhere but I wanted to include this bit of research in my sex news.

New study confirms age old preconception: porn makes men and women sexist. There is a catch, however: the study suggest that the people who become more sexist by watching porn were already unpleasant and had disagreeable personalities to begin with.

* There was also a study where people who “admitted” to using porn were less likely to support affirmative action. Jezebel tore strips off it here. And Clem Bastow considered both bits of research in this piece.

* Girls would welcome porn filter, expert claims. Dr Miranda Horvath of Middlesex University says that “there is a wealth of evidence that some children, particularly girls, are being exposed to explicit content against their will and would prefer to have it blocked.”

The small proportion of young women who actively choose to view porn often do so under pressure from friends or romantic partners, and many are exposed to it unwillingly on social networking sites or mobile phone footage passed around classrooms, she added

I would like to know her source for this. I only have anecdotal evidence, of course, but I would venture to say that plenty of young women happily watch porn of their own accord. I don’t think it does us any favours to perpetuate the idea that girls aren’t as interested in sex as boys. I think it’s also disingenuous to use this argument to promote a blanket porn filter that prevents adults from making decisions about content.

* The three porn performers who tested positive for HIV during the latest outbreak have held a press conferences calling for safe sex in porn productions. The presser was organized by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation which is responsible for the existing LA law mandating condoms in porn. AHF seem to be quite anti-porn and extremist in their outlook and I don’t think much of their methods. Read “Is AHF just another cuckoo anti-porn group?

* The photo at the top shows members of the Swansea Rugby Club jogging nude through Mumbles as an “initiation”. All good fun until someone tweets the pic and the Evening Post publishes it. Cue the humble apologies. Bugger that! Let’s see more nudie runs!