Connections: Real Couples, Joyful Sex

Edit: 19th June 2013. Vimeo has taken down this trailer saying it is too sexually explicit, though I thought it was OK. Working to get it back up, or replaced.


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A couple of weeks ago I did the final edit on a new feature film I’ve made called Connections: Real Couples. Joyful Sex. I’ve just made a trailer for it, above.

The film is a compilation of the three hetero couples scenes that I’ve shot over the last two¬† years and also includes interviews with each couple. All of the scenes feature a real-life couple and the sex they have reflects that: there’s laughter, intimacy, communication and real tenderness on show. There’s also plenty of orgasms.

Right now the DVD exists only as burned copies from my own computer. I sent some off as submissions to the Feminist Porn Awards. Beyond that, I will need to look at whether it’s worth doing a commercial replication and trying to find distribution. Given the failing state of the DVD market, it feels like a stupid and expensive idea. But then again, the media and mainstream industry only seem to pay due attention to DVDs, despite the fact that the vast majority of people now access their content online.

Right now the three scenes and interviews are all available at Bright Desire. Soon I’m going to offer the full feature as a HD download on that site. And when I get the VOD section up and running, it will be available there as well. This feels far more sensible than trying to stuff around with meat-world DVDs.

The trailer was a bit of a challenge to make, primarily because I wanted to put it on Vimeo and had to censor it within an inch of its life. Thus, it’s very tame… and I’m wondering if the nipples will still get me in trouble. We’ll see.

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