Venus In Furs

Venus In FursI feel like there aren’t many new porn for women movies being released at the moment. There seems to be a bit of a lull in production, which is perhaps not surprising given the upheaval in the porn industry at present. For a while there were new feminist porn titles everywhere but right now, not so much.

For my latest For The Girls review I chose to watch Venus In Furs, which is a movie by major studio Adam and Eve. It appears they are following the lead of New Sensations and Wicked by releasing a romance-themed series. This one is called Romantic Encounters.


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I’m sure there are some people rolling their eyes at the “women like romance” assumptions the lie behind these films. Everyone has different tastes. Still, it’s nice that the big companies are deliberately labelling it as romance so we all know what we’re in for.

Venus In Furs doesn’t bear any resemblance to the classic BDSM novel from which it derives its name. This is a strictly vanilla heterosexual adventure. It tells the story of a father falling in love with his son’s girlfriend and the subsequent shenanigans that ensue. And it also features a lot of sex, naturally. While it’s all fairly standard porn sex (oral, 3 positions, external cumshot), it does have a lot of kissing, eye contact, intimacy and sensuality. The romance is a bit cheesy but it’s good if you’re into that kind of thing.

If nothing else this film, which was directed by Skye Blue, looks amazing. It was shot using digital SLR cameras and the lighting is gorgeous. The stars are all good looking and seem to be enjoying themselves.

If you’re up for a bit of mainstream porn, this is not a bad choice.

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