The Thought Of Her DVD – Trailer

Yesterday I happily mailed off four copies of my new film The Thought Of Her to the Feminist Porn Awards. I’ve spent the last month editing and finalising this, my first long-form erotic film. It’s an extension of the idea behind the short film of the same name – erotic images of male masturbation combined with a sexy voiceover. The tame preview, above, gives an idea of what the film offers.


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There are still very few depictions of the male body in porn, at least from a female perspective. This is my contribution.

The DVD isn’t commercially available at present. That could be a few months off. I’m well aware that the meatworld version of porn making – aka DVD creation and distribution – is not a nice place to be. Indeed, actually bothering to make a DVD sounds like a bad financial decision, given that so few people buy them now and they instantly end up on the torrent sites. But I feel like I want to do this, if only to be taken seriously as a filmmaker. To the media, if no-one else, DVDs are still where it’s at.

In any case, enjoy this little preview. The film will also be available online in the next couple of months, hopefully.

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