For The Girls Turns 8

Birthday cakeJune has rolled around again and that means it’s now 8 years since we launched For The Girls.

Allow me to stand around in wide-eyed astonishment for a bit. Eight fucking years! That went quick. It’s also been a bit of a slog, especially over the last 18 months with the never-ending struggle to revamp our member’s area (still going). But wow. I never thought when we started out with our little “porn for women” site that it would still be going strong eight years later. I’ve seen so many changes in the adult industry and porn has practically fallen to pieces over the last year or so but we’re still here and still going strong.


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We considered having 8th birthday competitions but we’re going to hold off for a bit. When the revamp finally goes live, we’ll do something big. Because by god that’s going to be worth celebrating.

Thanks to all the lovely women and men who have joined FTG over the years. I hope we made you happy. And thanks to everyone who has supported For The Girls and what it stands for. I still believe that straight women want and need porn that caters specifically to them. It empowers, it entertains, it includes and it satisfies.

Time to open the champagne and eat cake. Who cares if its 10am?