Brisbane Slutwalk Video

I’ve put together a short video of the Brisbane Slutwalk which was held on Saturday 28th May. Thanks to all who agreed to be interviewed. I’ve also edited a longer version of this with more footage and interviews. This is the feature at For The Girls, appearing on Thursday.


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I keep seeing comments that say “I’m confused as to what this is all about.” I hope this video explains it to them.

So many people don’t seem to understand why 1500 people would want to be associated with the word “slut”. But that lack of understanding is part of the point. Beyond protesting against blaming the victims of assult, it’s about getting people to question the word – and the attitudes behind it. Why is it bad to be a slut? What exactly does it mean to “dress like a slut?” Why do people use it to put women down? Why do we let it have such power?

I’ve seen such an unthinking response. Either it’s guys saying “Her her, lets go perve at all the dumb sluts” or its people happily reinforcing the stereotypes about female sexuality and “proper” female behaviour.

And of course, all the assholes insisting that it’s “just common sense” not to wear skimpy clothing because it attracts “the wrong sort of attention”. These people are victim blamers and slut shamers, pure and simple. So many can’t seem to distinguish between sex and rape. If a woman wants to attract sexual attention via sexy clothing, that’s her perogative. Perhaps she’s just out to pull a root (to use Australian slang). There’s nothing wrong with that. The point is that she is the one who decides who that root will be with and the circumstances in which it occurs.

Perhaps one of the more powerful moments at the rally was the story of the woman who was raped in her home and the police asked her what she was wearing. That kind of dreadful attitude needs to be eradicated.

One of the other things I tried to portray with this video was the real sense of fun and comeraderie that infused the Slutwalk. It was great to associate with so many other like-minded people. These were smart, aware people who were also sex-positive in their outlook and forward-thinking with their politics. I hope we can keep the vibe going.

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