“Women Prefer Funny To Flawless”

Jay laughing and nakedThe SMH is reporting a survey by soap company Dove which asked women what they found attractive in a man. The big winner is a good sense of humour:

“Sixty five per cent of women surveyed said they are turned off by guys seeking physical perfection, with 86 per cent citing vanity as one of the biggest turn-offs in a man.

“Although one in four men view a muscular tanned physique as desirable, women prefer a man with a warm inner glow to hot looks.

“A convincing 99 per cent of women would in fact prefer a funny guy with good manners to the perfect Paragon.”

I have to agree, a guy who makes you laugh is very appealing. Of course, if you’re just out for a perve, this may take a back seat. The other thing about this is it’s a soap company survey so you have to take it with a pinch of.. um, soap.


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The comments underneath that article are a whole other can of worms. The first ten of so are from guys vowing that it’s not true, that all women are shallow and self obsessed and will only go for good looking guys. As a later commenter wrote: “It’s good to see that no one here harbours any kind of resentment from rejection.”

This pic is an “outtake” from the photo shoot we did with male stripper Jay a few years ago. As you can see, Jay is a man who knows how to laugh. He’s also hot. One doesn’t preclude the other.

One Reply to ““Women Prefer Funny To Flawless””

  1. One doesn’t preclude the other.

    Exactly. Nor do these surveys seem to take into account the difference between ‘what you seek in a relationship’ (in which case, sense of humour makes an awful lot of sense) and pure physical attraction – you can’t tell if the cute/hot/interesting looking guy on the other side of the room has a sense of humour if you haven’t talked to him yet!

    I do wonder if sometimes women want to downplay enjoying physical attractiveness because they don’t want to seem as ‘shallow’ as men are sometimes perceived to be. Which may sound harsh, but I do wonder.

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