Vote For Rob – Australia’s Hottest Tradie

Rob our centerfold and Australia's Hottest TradieOur latest centerfold at For The Girls is the gorgeous Rob – seen here with his undies mostly on. He’s a wonderful bloke, really easygoing and friendly. He’s also a tradesman and that means he’s eligible to win Australia’s Hottest Tradie.

It’s a competition run by a dating site, now into its 3rd year. The premise is that single women prefer the more “macho” trade professions than men in suits, especially when said macho men have their shirts off. Interestingly, a number of women have entered themselves to prove that all tradies aren’t men. It’s a good point – perhaps next year they need male and female categories. For now, though, it’s all about perving on shirtless male eye candy. And on a purely superficial level, I quite like that.


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Last year Rob was a finalist and he subsequently got into part-time modelling. This meant we were able to ask him to pose nude for For The Girls and we were honoured when he said yes.

Rob is once again an entrant in Australia’s Hottest Tradie and he needs votes to win. Thus, if you’ve got a few moments, I want you to click here and give him your vote.

And you can see all of Rob inside the members area at For The Girls.