In Defence Of Facial Hair

It’s Movember and that means all over the world, guys are growing some lovely facial hair under their noses for a good cause, usually prostate cancer research. I think it’s fabulous and I enjoy seeing the hair-growing progress of my male friends as the month goes on.

There’s a certain air of irony to Movember. It seems to operate on the idea that a sane man wouldn’t ordinarily sport a moustache and that there’s something wrong with having hair on your upper lip. I’ve read comments that the end of Movember results in guys looking like pedophiles, as though the two things are synonymous.

This also ties in with a general squeamishness in Western society surrounding the beard. I know a lot of women don’t consider them to be very sexy. There are also certain facial hair styles considered to be very untrustworthy, as this chart reveals.

I thought I’d stand up and say that I, for one, am partial to a bit of facial hair, particularly to a nicely trimmed goatee or stubble. This may well be because my husband sports a beard and has ever since I’ve known him, but I do like the definition that facial hair can give to a man’s face.

And, from a philosophical standpoint, we women shouldn’t be so picky about whether a man decides to grow a beard or not. The right of women to not shave their body hair has been a longstanding feminist battle; we should extend the same freedom to men.


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Thus, I thought I’d do a pictorial post praising the sexiness of beards, moustaches, goatees and facial hair.

First, some celebrity facial hair:

Magnum PI - the original moustache
Tom Selleck as Magnum PI – the original and best moustache. And look at that fabulous hairy chest.

George Michael
George Michael originally made designer stubble cool. And damn, wasn’t he good looking before all that nasty plastic surgery?

Burt Reynolds in Cosmo
Burt Reynolds showed off his mo in the first ever male centerfold. Now that’s a bearskin rug.

Billy Connolly and his purple beard
I’ve always found Billy Connolly to be very sexy. Add purple into the equation and he’s glorious.

Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn
Viggo Mortensen made us all long for wild hair and unkempt beards.

George Clooney with a beard
George Clooney’s beard makes him look distinguised AND handsome.

Sean Connery
I was going to put one of Sean’s more regal beard pics in here… but I just couldn’t resist this photo from Zardoz.

Johnny Depp and his beard
Johnny Depp. Need I say more?

Oh wait…
Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
I rest my case.

And now, some beefcake with beards for your ogling pleasure. Some of these pics are old but they’re also favourites of mine:

Carlos and his beard
Beard and the mirror
Sexy indie hunk and his goatee
Cute black and white beard and chest hair
Soft focus beard
Artistic beard

PS. A bit of fun – check out these celebrity pics that have been photoshopped so they’ve got beards.

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