Who Knew That Creepy Bicycle Seat Sniffing Could Be So Sexy?

This is an ad for a perfume called “Vulva” which is apparently “the intimate scent of a beautiful woman” that a company has bottled “for your own smelling pleasure.”


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That’s right folks, these people are selling pussy smell in a jar. I have no idea what it smells like but they’re obviously keen to shift units via viral marketing. What to make of the above ad? It’s a bit like an erotic train smash, kind of alluring and sexy but also leaves you feeling creeped out and wondering if you should call the authorities. If only all weird bicycle seat sniffers looked that good.

The ad is really a testament to good filmmaking; the techniques and models employed make the whole scenario look fantastic. Imagine if we had other weird porny acts shot with this kind of nice lighting? Ass To Mouth might suddenly become palatable.

Actually, no. Scratch that. A-T-M is NEVER going to be sexy as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks to Giselle from Abby Winters for the vid.