Best Tampon Competition Ever (?)

Lucky Box tampon competition
Lucky Box tampon competition

So, picture the scene. Advertising executives are trying to think of an exciting new competition and campaign for tampons, one that will grab people’s attention and make them buy. They’ve dismissed all the usual ideas about swimming or riding bikes and horses. It’s time to come up with something better. And in the back of their mind is the Beaver ad, one of the most complained about TV advertisements but also highly successful in getting the brand out there.

What do they do?


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The decide to run with “The Lucky Box”.

I just laughed when I saw it… and then I took out my camera for a photo. And then I decided to buy the packet to see if I was lucky enough to find a golden tampon inside, like some kind of menstrual Charlie in thrall to the Willy Wonka of “feminine hygiene”. Alas, it was not to be.

Still, I went off to their website for a second chance draw and was met with this:
Lucky box Rags to Riches

Lucky Box was good. Rags to Riches is great.

I think this is a clever attempt at a viral marketing campaign by Libra. The first impression when you see “The Lucky Box” is that some advertising guru has really stuffed up. But I’m pretty certain that people who come up with ads for tampons are hyper-aware of the dangers of slang words. On this occasion they’ve decided to run with it and hope that people like me will put it on blogs.

Well, there you go. I fell for it. But I will say that I very rarely use tampons because the Diva Cup is a far cheaper and more environmentally friendly option. And those guys are having their own competition, asking you to make a video ad for it. Can anyone outdo The Lucky Box? We’ll see.