The Home For Lost Boys

Home for Lost BoysIf you’ve got a thing for very thin, gothy-looking, half-naked men then you’ll be pleased to discover the Home For Lost Boys. It’s a relatively new membership site featuring galleries of “alternative, beautiful, non-mainstream boys” and it does seem to be aimed at women.


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The FAQ says that they’re not necessarily a porn site:

The site focuses on sensual, rather than explicit, content. None of our models are required to show full frontal nudity, though some chose to do so. Photographers and models have been blurring the line between art and porn for years, and we seek to further that movement. We don’t seek to exclude sexuality, but it is only one aspect of our models’ work, along with artistic and self- expression.

The photos are occasionally amateur-looking but they do have a certain arty flair. If you like earnest authenticity then it’s here in spades and a lot of the guys have lovely faces.