Brad Pitt Is 50 So Here’s Some Naked Photos

I think one of the indications that I was getting on a bit was when popular culture stopped using “Brad Pitt” as a shorthand for “the most incredibly handsome and sexy man in the world”*.¬† The world moved on and it became “Johnny Depp” for a while. Now I think the new shorthand is “Ryan Gosling”. Or, god forbid, “Justin Bieber”.

Still, for women of a certain age, Brad Pitt was – and perhaps still is – all that. And today he’s 50. So, to celebrate the glory of getting on a bit, here’s a gratuitous Brad Pitt pic post.

Here he is in Thelma and Louise, the first time we all really noticed the inherent hotness of Brad



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Here he is in those nude paparazzi shots from 1995. Yes, he’s even doing the “Look, I’m a girl!” move. Source

A scene from Troy. Source

Just a nice shirtless pic. Source.


The first rule of fight club is to show off those hot groiny-hip muscles. The source has a lot of really nice pics of him.

Ah yes, Interview With The Vampire. Source


Older but still rather fabulous.

¬†Here’s a sample of that nude Troy scene, via Mr Man

If you’re up for perving on more nude male celebrities, you’ll find them at Mr. Man.


* Example: the second chorus of Shania Twain’s That Don’t Impress Me Much