For The Girls Welcomes Tyler Knight

Tyler KnightI’m really late with this announcement but it’s still worth shouting from the rooftops: gorgeous male porn star and Heartthrob of the Year Tyler Knight is writing a regular column for For The Girls!

Tyler has long had ambitions to write and his straight-from-the-heart columns about life inside the porn industry are compulsively readable.


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A taster:

We have never met. What happens between us is not chemistry. It is biology. The theme of the scene is this: she is an actress that needs coaching, and I am an acting coach… I try to defend against her advances, but I capitulate. I half ass the script, words dripping off my tongue like molasses.

We interviewed Tyler a couple of months ago and I got chatting to him via email. He really is a true gentleman and we’re so pleased to have him contributing to our online magazine. It’s fascinating to hear the inside story on some of the bizarre things that occur on porn sets; his anecdotes are alternately hilarious and heart-breaking.

Tyler’s latest column goes live today and it’s a corker. And yes, this is where I shamelessly plug the site and say: You’ll find it inside the member’s area of For The Girls!