For The Girls Turns 4

For The Girls screenshot. On June 1, 2003 my partner Jane and I launched For The Girls, an erotic site for straight women like ourselves. We pooled together all the good dirty pics and movies we could find, I added a bunch of my articles and stories, and off we went.

Our first tour was fairly crappy, and our original credit card processor declared bankruptcy and ran off with all the money a month later, but we kept going.

And now, four years later, we’re one of the biggest adult sites for straight women on the net.


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Four years is a hefty amount of time to be doing anything. In my last job as a librarian I only lasted four and a half years, and that was out in the “real world.”

Since 2003 I’ve been constantly writing articles, blog entries and stories for the site, as well as editing submissions. I’ve always had a deadline to meet. I’ve also been busy keeping track of the world of women’s erotica and watching it evolve over time. It’s amazing to think that this thing has been a part of my life for so long.

Typically porn sites don’t last this long. Far too many of them exist as fly-by-night operations, designed to cater to the constant need for something “new.” They may last a year at most, take the money and run.

We never wanted to be like that. Our modus operandi was to always offer good quality content to the people who trusted us enough to sign up, and to treat them honestly. It’s been a good policy because we’ve had some women who’ve been members for over three years.

So here I am, entering the fifth year of For The Girls and looking forward to the future. I have no idea what lies ahead, except that I’ll be working on FTG as usual, doing my best to make sure it’s still the best women’s porn site on the net.

And now… where’s that bottle of champagne?

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