You HAVE To See “Bill and Desiree”

Bill and Desiree: Love is TimelessYesterday I watched Comstock Films‘ latest release Bill and Desiree: Love Is Timeless and even though I’m writing up a proper review of it for For The Girls, I just had to post about it here today.

Fact is, this film is incredible.


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I’ve long admired the work of Tony and Peggy Comstock but I think that their sixth offering is their best. This beautiful documentary gives us one of the most emotionally honest, intimate and moving portrayals of real sex that I’ve ever seen.

Watching this film makes me realise how immune I’ve become to porn. I look at images and movies of the sex act every day and too often I see only pixels and cliches and work. Not enough of them produce the delightful reaction that this movie created. It made me feel.

And I have to say, it’s not often that your average explicit film comes with a poetry reading. Bill is actually a writer of erotic fiction and he reads from his book May Touch Redeem Us in the film. I’ve found many of his poems online here and they’re fabulous. A snippet:

Let your breath bell out my belly,
let your tongue-tip dance its minuets.
I want to shape new sounds
from the satin of your skin,
I want your heart to harp my ribs,
my heart to press your plum-bowl breasts,
my spine to dangle like a necklace
from your lips.

This man writes gorgeous erotic poetry AND he’s very good in bed. Desiree is a lucky woman.

You can buy Bill and Desiree from Comstock Films.

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  1. Hi! I think I should be blushing. I think *we* should be blushing at your enthusiasm for us and for Tony Comstock’s new film. Many, many thanks for honoring us that way. And could we ask a favor? Would you be willing to send us your *For the Girls* review? We can’t access it. Hugs,


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