Yay America.

Now believe me, that’s a phrase I haven’t thought of in a very long time. It’s been a long, painful 8 years. Tonight, however, I’m standing with you, cheering you on, congratulating you on taking a step into a hopeful, friendly future. Someone on the news tonight said that Obama is now the closest thing to a “president of the world” and right now, that feels OK with me.


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Watching his victory speech I felt truly inspired and hopeful; the man has a distinctly refreshing streak of honesty and passion which makes me want to stand up and cheer (and drink champagne – which I did). Here’s hoping that tonight’s optimism can continue, because it sure feels good to feel this way.

Right now I want to believe the hype. I truly want to hope that things can be better in the way I’ve always dreamed. I suspect that things won’t be so fabulous in the cold light of tomorrow’s dawn, but right now I’ve got champagne in my veins and a thrill of optimism in my heart.

Right now “Yes we can” makes perfect sense.

6th November Update: Well, cold light of dawn it is. Numerous US states voted to ban gay marriage. An unfortunate slap in an otherwise happy face.