Chemistry 4: The “Distracted By Equipment” Edition

Sony Hi def cam in Chemistry 4
I’ve just finished writing up my review of Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry 4 for For The Girls. It’s a great film, but I must admit that admid the endless orgies and amusing porn star slapstick I kept getting distracted by the film equipment.

Yes folks, ever since I did my video production course and made a short film, my interest in the technicalities of porn has come to the fore. And Chemistry 4 is exactly the sort of film I need to see because it’s shot in high definition. It’s also a gonzo flick where the actors acknowledge the camera and where the cameras themselves become something of a star.

This movie features “PerveCam” – a nice idea whereby the porn stars can film themselves and each other during the sex scenes. They use small handheld camcorders… and I think they may be Sony HDR-HC5 models (available from Amazon). It’s got Nightvision which is used during one sex scene in the film.


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I’ll bet the above “Pervcam” photo is exactly the kind of advertising that Sony doesn’t really want.

The main action is shot with a pro Sony model although I’m not sure exactly which one. It could be a HVR-V1U model but I suspect it’s a HVR-Z1U. The camera guy doesn’t appear that often so I couldn’t get a good look.

There’s also numerous shots that give a good idea about how to light a house for shooting video. Indeed, there’s one scene where Evan Stone and Adrianna Nicole bail out of the bathroom, causing the camera guy to complain: “Hey, give me something else! I’ve just lit the room!”

So I went through and got a few screenshots of all the exciting and downright arousing shots of cameras and video eqiupment.

Nice pic of the big cam
You know you’ve been in porn too long when you freeze the movie to get a good look at some guy’s enormous Sony.

Disinterested sound guy
They may be fucking just there, but this guy is more concerned with his mike.

Tristan uses a handycam while the action plays on monitors
Helps to have a monitor to make sure things are framed up right. Notice how the image on the big monitor is reversed. Tristan is on the handycam.

The Camera guy
Another good shot of the Sony pro cam – and the official porno dog in the background.

Sexy fluid head tripod and lighting
Check out the sexy fluid head tripod. Yeah baby! Nice large lighting diffuser as well.

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  1. Naturally Stacked Three – Bryan Xin does nice things with light, mostly natural light that works well with video and doesn’t have that porno house look about it.

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