Tom Ford And Nude Men In GQ Style

Nude men in GQ StyleApparently the upcoming spring/summer issue of Britain’s GQ Style features an essay by fashion guru Tom Ford and pictorial featuring naked men. Ford says he wants to look at the way Western society avoids serious study of the male body and the disparity between the treatment of men’s and women’s bodies.


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NYMag has lifted whole paragraphs from Ford’s essay and turned it into a mock interview. It makes for interesting reading. I really liked this bit:

Imagine … if our suits were entirely designed to show off our penises. Imagine if contemporary fashion demanded that you left your cock hanging outside your trousers, with perhaps just the head trussed up in a tiny pouch like a dick bra. Everyone would see our cocks all the time, in the same way that fashion features women’s breasts.

What a fascinating idea. Part of me really, really wants this to happen. When the revolution comes, ladies, it’ll be dick bras for the lot of them, I say!

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