Madonna’s Simulated Orgasm 1990

I find it hard to believe that the babies born in 1990 are coming of age this year. To me, 1990 wasn’t long ago at all. It was only yesterday. And it was a bit of a golden year for me. I was 17, I was finishing school, I was freshly in love and life was an open book, full of possibility.

What is amazing is that 18 years ago there was no internet which meant that there was no overabundance of porn and masturbation was still really taboo. So when Madonna included this simulated masturbation scene in her Blonde Ambition tour, it really made waves. I mean, it was quite shocking to see. We were still several years away from “The Contest” episode of Seinfeld and we all knew that good girls just didn’t do that sort of thing. Not at rock concerts, anyway.


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So I thought I’d include it here, just as a little trip down memory lane, and also to show just have far we’ve come in that time.

The other cool thing about Madonna is that she always owned the sexuality on display. She was always in charge and the men involved were always focused on her. I like how the guys here are wearing those ridiculous Gautier pointy bras. It makes them fantastic and turns them into instruments of Madonna’s own erotic imagination, beings she can control and fashion them to her own ends. Fabulous.

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