By The Campfire

Cunnilingus by the camp fire - sexy outdoors fucking. Simone took several deep breaths of the cool night air with satisfaction. The stars were out, and the night was unusually warm. Crickets chirped conspiratorially, sharing their own secrets, oblivious to the human intruders in their midst.

Surprisingly for this time of year, they were alone at the campsite. It was just her and Gavin, both of them thrilled to have the place to themselves, surrounded by the towering trees of the forest, snug within the circle of light from the glowing fire.


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They’d hiked several miles that day, bathed by a waterfall and shared a simple evening meal. They’d said few words all day, each comfortable in the other’s company and not fearful of silence.

Now Gavin emerged from the tent and spread his beloved and extremely scruffy “bear rug” on the ground by the fire. Grinning, he sat on it and patted the empty space beside him.

“Saved a spot for you.”

Simone returned his smile, a blossom of gratitude erupting in her stomach. She’d been alone so long, and finally, finally, she’d found someone that was right. They’d been together for nearly a year now, and every day he found a new way to make her smile. She couldn’t remember ever being so totally in tune with another person, and she still found herself feeling like the luckiest woman in the world…

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