Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty Banned In US

An image from the Dove older women ad campaign. The US FCC has banned a television commercial by Dove cosmetics because it shows too much flesh.

The ads feature older women who are nude but discreetly posed, accompanied by the slogan “Too old for an anti-aging ad.”

Adland also reports that conservative groups are upset by the campaign because it is “contributing to the sexualization of women as a commercial tool, as well as exposing children to adult nudity.”


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Well, we all know that civilisation will end if children see nudity, don’t we?

The FCC ban and happy clapper controversy will be a big help to Dove. I mean, here I am talking about it on a blog. Nice viral marketing, folks.

While it’s nice to see positive images of older women in use here, I can’t help but make a skeptical comment. Dove is still promoting an ideal of beauty. These are good looking women – I mean really good looking women – and the aspirational message remains: use this product and you too could look this fabulous at 50.

And the idea of “real beauty” still maintains the concept that looks are important, even if they’re trying to re-establish a new kind of standard for “normal beauty.”

What happens if you’re not good looking enough even for “real beauty”?

That’s right. Back of the line, ugmo. And spend up big on cosmetics while you’re there.

Maybe when Dove comes up with the Campaign for Accepting What You Were Born With, I’ll be happy.

Perhaps I shouldn’t complain too much. Their message boards seem to be helping a lot of women to discuss the issues.