New Short Film: Dear Jiz

Dear Jiz from Ms Naughty (Louise Lush) The full short film is available at Bright Desire.

It’s taken a month of editing (perfectionist stress mixed with procrastination) but yesterday I finally released the scene I shot with Jiz Lee in Toronto. It’s called “Dear Jiz” and it mixes erotic/sensual images of Jiz in the bath with a voiceover featuring emails and comments from Jiz’s fans. Many of the letters describe how Jiz has had a positive influence on people’s lives, especially when it comes to acceptance of fluid gender identity and sexuality.


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The preview above gives a taste of what the scene is like. It’s G-rated for Vimeo but the full scene is explicit and features a lovely orgasm from Jiz.

I’ve wanted to work with Jiz and had hoped to work with them* in Berlin in 2011 but my first chance was at the Feminist Porn Awards on April 5. I asked Jiz what they wanted to do and they suggested a bath scene with the fanmail voiceover. I loved the idea and couldn’t wait to see it realized.

This scene was shot a couple of hours before we went to the awards and was a little rushed due to time constraints. As is the case with all my scenes, it’s fairly DIY and low-budget. You’ll notice there’s a couple of underwater shots in this film: we achieved this via the rather heart-stopping method of putting an iPhone in a Ziploc bag and immersing it, hoping the seal would hold. Thankfully it did and we got some cool shots, albeit a little blurry and lower quality.

Jiz turns on the tap and we hold our breath, hoping the Ziploc seal holds

Jiz turns on the tap and we hold our breath, hoping the Ziploc seal holds

The full scene is 11 minutes long and I find it very emotionally fulfilling as well as sexy. I’m so proud of this little film and I plan to submit it to numerous festivals over the next few months.

If you want to see it in full, please consider joining Bright Desire – the membership money helps to pay my performers and means I can keep making movies like this!

* Them and they are Jiz’s preferred pronouns. Jiz identifies as genderqueer which is neither man or woman.

** I actually had to add a new Genderqueer category to Bright Desire as I only had “Solo Men” and “Solo Women” sections. I’m a librarian at heart, I can’t help but classify things and I guess it became apparent that I’m still using a gender binary with my site. But I am a believer in tagging and classifying things because it helps the user find what they want; this is just how the internet works. In this case the solution is to make a new category: genderqueer. Just out of librarian curiosity, I went looking for information as to where genderqueer fits into the Dewey Decimal System. This page has some useful info. Given the shifting nature of queerness and genderqueer, it’s hard to pin down. The librarian there opted for 306.768. The history of the way sex and sexuality has been classified in libraries is such an interesting subject; it reflects the changing way that society has seen this topic over the course of the last century.

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