Chippendale Dancers Go Free

A mugshot of one of the arrested Texas Chippendale male dancers.Not sure how I missed this one.

In Texas, police arrested a group of 8 Chippendales dancers for gyrating sexually. With their pants on. They’ve now been let off.


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Last Friday eight Chippendale dancers and three show and club promoters were arrested making national headlines.

According to police, the arrested dancers “sexually stimulated and sexually gratified” female audience members during their show at Jake`s Sports Café, which violates the city`s sexually oriented business ordnance.

The dancers were released the next day after a judge decided there wasn`t enough evidence to hold them.

Obviously civilisation itself is in danger when females are “sexually stimulated and sexually gratified.” Thank goodness the cops were on hand to stop such lascivious entertainment. I’m looking forward to the day when they can work out how to get evidence of sexual gratification. No, sitting back and languidly smoking a cigarette does not qualify.

I seem to recall that about 50 years ago people were upset that some guy called Elvis was gyrating his pelvis a lot, but they never arrested him. Now THAT’S progress!

The Smoking Gun has obtained the mugshots of the dancers. They’re not that appealing in the cold light of the police station. I do like the one who made an effort to smile, and the guy pictured here is probably the best looking of the bunch.

Combined with the Alabama sex toy ban, it really looks like the southern states of the US are suffering from major hysteria when it comes to anything sexual. And it’s interesting that in both these cases it’s women’s pleasure that is threatening to the state.

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