Female Ejaculation Films To Be Banned In Australia

I’ve received a circular from the Eros Association, the advocacy group for the Australian adult industry. Thanks to shit stirring by a fundamentalist Christian group, the rules have been tightened as to what adult films can be imported into Australia.

The Classification Board has explicitly stated that films featuring female ejaculation will now be seized and considered RC – refused classification. Effectively banned. This also means that female ejaculation sites will be considered RC (prohibited) for the purposes of the internet filter planned to be introduced here this year.


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Eros says:

The Classification Board have determined that female ejaculation is not a real event and therefore all issue from a women’s vagina is piss and therefore covered under the parameters in the Guidelines for ‘golden showers’. This means that if the shower happens to land on the body or in the mouth it is determined to be an offensive fetish and goes RC. The Classification Board’s finding that female ejaculation does not exist is something we will contest with them as there is a body of scientific (and personal) evidence that says otherwise. Even last month on the ABC Science Show with Dr Norman Swan, they spent an hour with scientists discussing this phenomenon and how it was not urine.

I’m glad Eros is going to fight this. It gets me hopping mad that a government can perpetuate this nonsense and are so eager to do the will of prudes and ignorant religious nutters who wish to meddle in the sex lives of others.

The sooner our outdated classification (censorship) system is abolished, the better. They should not have the right to ban films based on subjective, religious, unscientific, biased and sexist opinion as to what is and isn’t “obscene.”

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37 Replies to “Female Ejaculation Films To Be Banned In Australia”

  1. I hereby confirm, as a married man, that a woman will ejaculate semen and vaginal juices if she reaches orgasm at the same time as the aforementioned fluids are within the urutheus. (sp)

  2. So it stands to reason that anyone who works for the board has a poor sex life.

    Either as a male they can’t pleasure a women properly, or as a women their male partner is a dud, or they are doing it wrong.

  3. Where is the evidence for this? The statement from the classification board, the release from Eros, the complaint from “a fundamentalist Christian group”?

    1. I received an email from the Eros Association to its members regarding changes to rules about Refused Classification. The fundamentalist Christian group is called “Kids Free 2 Be Kids” and is partly run by Melinda Tankard Reist, a religious lobbyist who calls herself a feminist. Eros has yet to release their full statement on the issue of the banning of female ejaculation by the Classification Board but they are going on information given to them by the Board itself.

  4. um..hare to say MaleEjac..

    women do not produce semen…there is no semen in female ejaculatory fluid…from the urethra or otherwise..

  5. Women do not ejaculate semen – of course that would be impossible. They certainly can ejaculate something, though…I can say this from personal experience. The fluid ejaculated is slightly more viscous than vaginal ‘juices’, and is definitely different to piss; smells are different too. Unlike some of the movies out there, it doesn’t come out (of me, anyway) in great gushing waterfall amounts ! Silly, uneducated, narrow-minded institutionalists !

  6. The Bible should be banned.

    The Bible glorifies incest, rape, pedophilia, murder and genocide.

    The Bible discriminates against people based on sex, race, religion and national origin.

    The Bible directly advocates murder of members of specific religions.

    The Bible must be banned!

  7. Women can ejaculate and produce considerable amounts which can be expelled with some force. That said, women have to be stimulated to do so and building up the amounts and the force takes practice.
    Porn star Flower Tucci ejaculates all the time and even has instructional videos to teach women how they themselves can do it.

    I’d fall off my chair in surprise if any of the politicians and religious males involved in banning the imagery of female ejaculation have ever stimulated their female partners to the point of orgasm period, female ejaculation aside.
    It’s no wonder they don’t know how women’s bodies work. Hell, some women don’t know how their bodies work.
    It is terrible though that they are shoving their ignorance down everyone else’s throat. If they’d just pick up a book they’d learn that there have been women with a catheter who could STILL ejaculate.
    People used to believe that women couldn’t have orgasms at all. Or that there is no such thing as a clitoris. Then when the proof for female orgasm was too overwhelming to ignore, they thought women had orgasms at the drop of a hat, for example by seeing a stallion’s member. We know better by now right? Can we get over this dark age shit about women’s sexuality?

    We’re getting pretty pissed off.
    (no pun intended, but ehn 😉

  8. I love it when the government tells me my basic bodily functions are not real and obscene, makes me feel like a valued and respected citizen.

    I don’t understand why adults need to be protected from female ejaculation or piss play for that matter. The content of adult pornography really should have nothing to do with children as they should not be watching it or participating in it – this is in reference to the lobby groups that always use children as excuse to limit adults rights. These discussion needs to be about consent, respect and an individuals capacity and right to make choices.

  9. All of the women commenting here are heathens. Female ejaculation is a myth perpetrated by sex-crazed sodomites.

    1. Indeed, Mike, I do enjoy being a heathen and a sex-crazed sodomite. But it does raise the question what a good Christian like you is doing on this particular adult site.

  10. Who the hell cares. Every adult shop in the country sells material that is effectively banned. Even X-rated DVD’s are technically illegal to sell everywhere except ACT. Start complaining once they enforce the ban, which they won’t.

  11. Religious people have a lot of influence in Australia. This is the responsibility of the conservative Christians and Muslisms, but also feminists, who have let Christian women hide within their group and put out articles promoting female modesty and denouncing female promiscuity as “degrading” to women. Christian feminists are working in tandem with feminists who want women to promote a Communist-Socialist wage system in Australia.

  12. Having personally tasted female ejaculant, it is definitely not urine (not that I have tasted any urine to compare mind you) In fact I would to say that it tastes more like water.

  13. it ain’t over till the fat lady cums.

    Who is the government to tell us what is “offensive” there the worst perpetrators of offensive behavior if you ask me.

  14. Mike Being married to a female ejaculater, I can tell you, and others, from my experiance that…A. a women that can ejaculate is an awsome thing. To know that you have brought your woman to a climax of that perportion is WONDERFULL. It is a beautiful thing to have seen and experience . Do they band male ejaculation? It is a natural function for some womens body to be capable to do this. If you haven`t ever experienced it…..other than seeing it in a porno why sensor it? Be a man, take your time find your womens trigger spot, let her juices squirt out of her andd see how happy and relieved she is of constantly being sexually frustraited. For those of you who have a “squirter` for a partner, LET THE JUICE FLY!!! Martini.

  15. I ejaculate all the time!! It is NOT pee! I always empty my bladder before sex or before masturbation and I can empty so much cum out of my vagina!!
    I can’t believe this!!
    I have cum on my partners face before!!! I can’t believe they would censor this natural normal and amazing thing about a woman’s body!
    I can cum and cum again adn ejaculate 10 or 20 times in a row! THis is amazing and I can’t believe they would not want this to be shown! Just because the christian association sees vaginas as simply a means for making babies then they can fuck off!

  16. The thing that makes this ban even sadder to me is that so many women (or their partners) are freaked out by their ejaculations, thinking that it is in fact pee– or hold back that “needing to pee” feeling when the sex is getting intense. This ruling is only going to reinforce that.

    Also I find it odd because I and my porn-loving friend both find that a lot of awesome, body-positive porn comes from Australia. I never would have expected such prudery and ignorance from the censor’s board.

    (And really, what the hell does it hurt anyone if it really is urine? Just make sure that it’s labelled for what it is and for adults only).

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