Even Subliminal Naked Men Get Women’s Attention

Hot naked man - this is not a subliminal imageResearchers at the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota have found that the brain responds to erotic images, even when the mind is not conscious of the image.

Using a technique called interocular suppression, a selection of men and women – both gay and straight – were shown the subliminal images and their responses measured.


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Straight women’s attention increased after an image of a naked man was flashed in front of one of their eyes. Their attention spike was only slightly smaller than that of a straight man when shown a nude woman.

Thanks to evolution, the brain is hardwired to pay attention to food, safety and potential mates. That’s why an erotic image can divert visual attention away from another subject. “Even in the absence of awareness, the emotional system processes information in a very specific fashion,” the researchers reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

When the subjects were shown the pictures normally, the same focus of attention did not occur.

More detailed information at Cosmos Magazine and Scientific American.

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