Inpulse To Release Velvet Tension

Velvet Tension boxcoverA visit to the Pulse Distribution website tells me that Inpulse Pictures is due to release it’s third film on September 25: Velvet Tension.

Like Velvet Thrust, the film stars Julian and is directed by Giovanni (at least, I think that’s the director, because the info on the website is conflicting – it also says this is Nina Lennox’s directing debut).


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Once again, this movie makes the promise that it’s “for women who love and enjoy men.” It’s shot in high definition, like Lennox’s previous films under her Lennox Films label.

The film’s plot revolves around an investment broker who “is confident that he will sell his estate in ‘one week.’ So confident in fact, that he makes a very unusual deal with his friend, opening the door to new heights of sexual freedom.”

The site says this is the first in a new series focusing on mutual masturbation, which may explain why the film’s subtitle is “stroke of genius”. It seems that watching Julian jack off will be a key aspect of Velvet Tension.

This whole “special mutual stimulation” thing has planted the tiny hope that Velvet Tension won’t be as crappy as Nina’s previous films. Dare I hope that this film might contain an actual female orgasm? Or even a fake female orgasm? Or some attempt to move beyond the mind-numbingly boring formula sex that ruined her other movies?

Yes, that is harsh, but after sitting through Ranch House Lust, I can’t help but be critical. Which reminds me, I should post the review notes for that film.

Anyway, my fingers are crossed.

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