A New Wave Erotica Film From Australia

Still from The Band filmA couple of years ago Anna Brownfield made waves when her film The Money Shot won numerous awards at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. When the ABC show Mondo Thingo decided to do a piece on “chick porn” they interviewed Anna as the local representative of the porn for women movement.*

Now Anna is about to release her first full-on porn film called The Band. Set in the grungy Melbourne music scene, the film aims to tell a complete story with explicit sex added.


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Her company Hungry Films says they are making “new wave erotica” and intend to:

…create erotic films that women, couples and men want. Films containing elements that are lacking in contemporary hard core content – sensuality, foreplay, believable scenarios, strong story-lines, good acting, character development, high production values and good music! All these elements will be combined to celebrate the diversity of human sexuality.

Pleasure Activism Australia has a fantastic interview with Anna here.

* An unrelated anecdote: The ABC also contacted Jane and I to ask if they could use images from For The Girls in the segment. We were over the moon and happily agreed, thinking we’d get some nice TV exposure. But no… they showed extreme closeups of a few pics from the tour and we didn’t even get a glimpse of our logo. Stupid muggenjuggen ABC, how dare they not give us free advertising!