Lies and the Lying Liars that Lie About “Vaginas”

Seems I’m not the only one posting about vulvas. Shakes gives her take on the issue in Fantasic and Vulvastic, while Figleaf discovers that people have been asking “what type of vulvas do men prefer?

This last post reminded me about the whole nasty issue that is “female genital enhancement.” An entire industry now exists whose sole purpose is to encourage women’s insecurity about their genitals so that they will subsequently buy “the cure”. That “cure” comes in the form of plastic surgery, pumping devices, anti-odor perfumes and myriad “advice”.

In December 2004 I posted about my opposition to cosmetic labiaplasty. I’ve written about the issue for For The Girls. It feels like it’s time to revisit this issue.


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I want to bring your attention to a group of sites that tell lies about women’s genitals. These sites appear to be scientific but they’re actually offer a great swathe of misinformation. The aim of these sites is to increase insecurity and sell “the cure”. They are all run by the same people.

These sites are:
The Vagina Institute:
Labia Enhancement:
Vagina Enhancement:
Vaginal Scent:
Vaginal Beauty:

There are also a number of other sites within the group… you get the idea.

Since the 70s, feminists have been working to help women understand their bodies and to appreciate their uniqueness. These “information” sites do their utmost to undo that work, so they can sell dubious “cures”.

Here’s a sample of the crap these sites spout:
“It’s every woman’s dream to have perfect vaginal lips. Women who are not blessed with pretty vaginas feel inadequate and deformed in their most intimate body part.”

They misuse the Freudian psychological term “vagina dentata” to describe a woman’s inner labia.

They even offer photos of perfectly normal women’s genitals and label them as “abnormal and ugly”.

I’m not the only one up in arms about these sites. All About My Vagina posted that they’d found a new “arch nemesis”. And the Vagina Lady blogged about it last year and was the victim of email abuse from the owners of those sites. Perhaps I can look forward to similar vitriol for this post.

Ladies, if you’re feeling worried about how your pussy looks, visit Betty Dodson’s Genital Art Gallery and see for yourself the wondrous variety of female genitals. If you want decent information, go and visit

There is no such thing as an “ugly vagina”. Or an ugly vulva for that matter. Don’t believe the lies.