Wicked and PlaygirlTV Team Up

XBiz reports that Wicked has teamed up with PlaygirlTV in a distribution deal.

The first film that Wicked will distribute on DVD is “Private Pleasures” with a second title, “Burning Lust” due out in March.


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Previously PlaygirlTV’s movies were only available via their cable channel.

If Wicked is doing the distribution, this may mean that the films become easily obtainable via the large online adult stores. At present I can’t find the film listed anywhere, but it is early days, as it was only released yesterday.

So it looks like this is my chance to check out what Kelly Holland and her company have been creating (their website won’t let Australians sign up… perhaps we’re untrustworthy or something, like Nigerians).

I’m really hoping that PlaygirlTV have something different to offer. I’m going to be very disappointed if it’s another Velvet Thrust. Disappointed, but somehow not surprised. If Wicked is involved… well, maybe we can just expect the standard Wicked cliched stuff.Get ready for more facials, girls.