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On Sunday (Australian time) I sat down with a glass of wine and a bunch of friends online to spend 3 hours giggling at the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s become a bit of a tradition, to drink and take the piss out of the over-the-top event, madly typing a bunch of one-liners in a bid to make each other laugh. It’s all a bit of fun and seriously entertaining. The music is usually poppy, the costumes ridiculous, the vibe cheerful.

This year we all had a clear favourite: Austria’s Conchita Wurst, the drag queen with a beard. Given my husband’s obsession with beards (he’s been growing his out for two years) and the way the Russians had been having tantrums over the inclusion of an obviously gay performer, we were always going to cheer for Conchita.

And she won, of course, so that made everyone’s year. I’ll admit that there were other songs that were better but I didn’t care. When Conchita said “This is for all those who believe in the future of peace and freedom – you know who you are. You are unity and you are unstoppable” we all applauded.

So ever since I saw the photo of Conchita in a bath with red petals, I’ve thought she was gorgeous.

Pic from here

Pic from here

Apparently there are some people who are upset at the fact that a drag queen should have a beard. But I had always thought the idea of drag was to shock and to send up ideas of gender so she’s definitely winning. The other thing, of course, is it’s made me aware of how much I like seeing the mix of masculinity and femininity, particularly when it’s a mainly masculine guy adding touches of girly. I find it very sexy. And given I’ve long had a thing for stubbly beards (spouse used to have lovely stubble before he got obsessed with growing it out), I’m loving the look of Conchita.


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While going through Google images for Conchita pics, I discovered the gorgeous Pavel Patel. He’s a gay Russian porn star with a penchant for occasional cross dressing. I first saw him in this photo which was labeled “And not a single fuck was given that day.”


Here’s some more Pavel pics:

Pic is from this CNN article discussing the discrimination that Pavel is now facing in Russia

Image by H&M

Pic from here

On Twitter, @mathildia helpfully offered another pic to add to my collection, that of cabaret star Johnny Woo, dressed as WonderWoman

Pic from here

I saw that photo and naturally it made me think of one of my childhood comedic heroes, Kenny Everett. Kenny was never afraid to camp it up in drag:

Kenny as Cupid Stunt. Pic from here

Pic from here

And of course I have to add one of my favourite sketches starring Kenny and the wonderful (bearded) Billy Connolly in drag:

Bearded ladies aren’t new, of course. They were regular features at circuses. Given the extensive beardage on show, it’s easy to suspect these two were just men in dresses.

beard_beardedlady1 beard_beardedlady2
Pics from this page.

Conchita isn’t the first drag queen with a beard. I found this lovely lady via Ru Paul’s Glamazon’s tumblr:


And here’s San Diego butch drag queen Grace Towers:


Pic from here (plus lots more info on Grace)

There’s even a Fuck Yeah Grace Towers tumblr.

I feel I should end this post with a recommendation to listen to the superb 80s-style anthem by the Beards called All The Bearded Ladies

Also, if you’re after more masculine men in feminine things, check out my pic post of Men In Corsets

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