Handyman - a male masturbation porn movie. I first discovered this film through an article at AVN, which was plugging it as a gay film, even though the director, Tina Tyler, said in the piece that she’d made it for women like herself.

I know that a lot of women really enjoy looking at guys masturbating. We get plenty of requests for it at For The Girls and I know that my AVS site Masturbating Men does well. Apart from natural curiosity, it’s extremely sexy to peek in on a guy as he pleasures himself. There’s a vulnerability involved that’s very erotic.


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In any case, Handyman features straight guys masturbating. The film was made with the help of Lexington Steele’s Mercenary Pictures.

Tristan Taormino has written a column on masturbation porn and devotes a fair bit of the piece to Tyler.

A few quotes:

“I’ve always loved to watch men masturbate. Even as a teenager, I used to talk my boyfriends into doing it for me. I made a series that I have wanted to see all my sexual life,” says Tyler…

First, Tyler has cast a diverse group of hot, sexy men of different body types, ages, ethnicities, and aesthetics, including a British guy in a pin-striped suit, a beefcake-y gym boy, a quiet romantic guy, and a porn legend; some are shy, others cocky, others playful, with some clearly more exhibitionist than others. This last element really contributes to how real the guys come off. They make lots of eye contact as they talk to the intended female viewer. You can hear Tyler’s (really sexy) voice in the background as she interviews each guy, coaxes, and compliments. She knows when to talk and when to quiet down. You get the feeling that it’s just the guy, Tina, and her camera, so the level of comfort and intimacy is high.

Tristan also discusses Red Handed Porn which has had a bit of a fab run in the media lately.

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