For The Girls Turns 19

For The Girls 19th Birthday

1st of June marks the 19th birthday of 19 years since me and my friend launched our little site that, at best, we hoped would make a bit of spare cash and last a year or two. Instead, the site is still here, still being updated, still going strong.

Our original plan was to create a website for straight women like ourselves. We molded it according to what we thought women wanted – hardcore couples porn with a focus on female pleasure, naked men, erotic fiction and a magazine that focused on sex.


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In the 19 years since, the internet landscape has changed a lot. “Porn for women” as a concept has gone from being dismissed as unnecessary (“women don’t watch porn”) to being derided as “just romantic / storylines porn”. It’s also said to be too prescriptive as to what women want and who women are. Along the way I’ve seen different phrases used – feminist porn, ethical porn, female-friendly porn. Ultimately, it comes back to the idea that most porn is still made for straight men… so how do you find the porn that is more inclusive to women? I think “porn for women” is still relevant.

Something that I’m very aware of is that FTG is a bit dated here and there. The name isn’t great, I’ll admit, but I’m not about to change it after all this time. It’s meant to convey the friendliness of a “girl’s night out” – the kind of vibe you get having drinks with female friends at a male strip show.

Also, FTG is still carrying on the tradition of male centerfolds. The term isn’t really used now. There’s thirst traps and hot guys and Ladyboners other phrases that women use when ogling good looking men. But I kind of like the idea of the male centerfold. Back in the days of Playgirl and Cosmo, a male centerfold caused waves. I want to honour that pioneering feminist spirit. It’s something that FTG was always big on.

As I posted recently, I’ve now resumed running the site after my long-time partner finally stepped away. Things weren’t that great between us for a long time, I’ll admit. I’m happy to be back in charge of FTG and bringing my particular vision back to the site.

I’m working on revamping aspects of the site and tweaking various aspects of it. The site is really big with a lot of archived content that I need to reorganize. Plus a lot of dead wood that needs clearing – old flash files, outdated stuff here and there.

In any case, For The Girls is having a 19th Birthday Sale with price drops on membership prices. Check it out now.

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