Festivals and Awards

I thought I’d finally get back to posting on my poor, neglected blog by telling you all how fabulous I am. Specifically, that I’ve won a couple of film festival awards lately.

March saw the world premiere of my film “Yes Campaign” at Cinekink in New York and I’m pleased to say it won “Best Advocacy Short”!

And just this weekend my new little short “Oral Exam” won “Sexiest International Short” at the Toronto International Porn Festival (formerly the Feminist Porn Awards).


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I’ve also won a few others at SECS Fest in Seattle and the PopPorn film festival in Brazil.

Here’s a full listing of all the film festivals that have screened my work over the years.

I thought I’d just put up these images and be boastful.

Here’s the trailers for my latest short films:

Yes Campaign from Ms Naughty (Louise Lush) on Vimeo.