The Fantasy Project Is Now Available Online!


Well, it’s taken a while but I’m pleased to announce that The Fantasy Project is finally available to the public. You can purchase a 3 day rental of the film at my new Bright Desire Video On Demand site.


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The Fantasy Project is about one woman’s exploration of female sexual fantasies. She asks women to tell her their sexual fantasies and her research leads her to discover a diverse and taboo world of the imagination. The film is made up of vignettes showing some of these fantasies – a “full service” massage, a bisexual threesome (with double cunnilingus), a dark fantasy of power play, voyeurism and group sex with strangers and an indulgent mix of a male slave, champagne, ice cream and orgasms. This is mixed in with an overarching story of romance.

This film took me over a year to make, was entirely self funded and mostly made just by me and my husband. In spite of its low-budget creation, I think it has a great cinematic quality and it’s also pretty hot. These are the fantasies that I thought were hot and that I also thought other women would enjoy. It’s been nominated for a 2015 Feminist Porn Award.

The Fantasy Project premiered at the Berlin Porn Film Festival last year to a sold-out audience. I’ve taken my time releasing it because I needed to set up my VOD. In any case, it’s finally here. I hope you like it!


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  1. OMG I can’t believe it’s out already, feels like we just filmed my scene! As hot to watch as it was during the fucking (which is generally near impossible!)!! Can’t wait to see the full scene 😀

    Will this be for sale on DVD, or just VOD?

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